It finally happened. they got me now too

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    Well its been along time since i've read or written much of anything on the forum. but for good reason. I was hit on my bike january 24th. I was heading north bound on Us hwy 19 in Palm Harbor, Florida when an idiot turned left into my lane while heading southbound and struck me head on. I hit his left front bumper and fender. He severed my left ankle,broke my left femur,fractrured left pelvis,3 broken ribs, lascerated spleen,both shoulders dislocated, left one fractured, I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and have been in a wheel chair since. I now have 5 screws in my ankle and a titanium rod in my femur and not sure whats going to happen with my left shoulder since its been 10 weeks and i cant use it still. I was in danger of losing my foot but after going to the docs on friday things are looking pretty good;not out of the woods yet but atleast 95% better. but for my bike its destroyed i loved that bike it was trophy winning. i had 7k in the motor alone its been left to a pile of rubble. not ony did he hit it but another car hit the bike again while it laid in the middle of the road. the worst part is the guys insurance didnt even cover the book value of the bike if it were stock. so i'm on the road back to walking again and will be able to ride again eventually. Just glad to be a live. SO EVERYONE BECAREFUL OUT THERE THIS YEAR NOT EVEN INTO THE BEGINNING I'VE BEEN TAKEN OUT AND A FEW OTHER PEOPLE I KNOW OF ALSO. THE WORSE PART ITS NOT JUST THE BLUE HAIRS DOWN HERE IN FLORIDA THE PERSON WHO HIT ME WAS IN HIS EARLY 40'S AND ANOTHER GUY I KNOW WHO GOT HIT WAS BUY A 30 YEAR OLD CONSTRUCTION WORKERS LATTER THAT HE DID NOT SECURE DOWN ON HIS TRUCK.
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    Man, it sounds like you have really been put through it. Hope you heal up quick and completely.
    Your experience should be a wake up call to all of us at the start of another riding season. Every day we are out there at the mercy of a whole bunch of half wits in there cages rushing around half paying attention to what is going on around them because they think whatever is going on in their lives more important than anything else.
    Sorry you lost your bike in the deal. For you, like the rest of us, that big hunk of machinery holds a special place in our lives, but in the end it is just "stuff" and "stuff" is not the most important thing in life.
    May you have a speedy and full recovery

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    Mike, I remember when you first came to HDT and really liked the clarity and energy describing in great detail your bike upgrades and Florida escapades. I still visualize your original avatar with the cool kicked out ride. Get well soon and take it slow and steady, I am very glad you are able to continue your story and recovery to eventual rider status. Keep the faith, you have a lot of brothers here wishing you well.:51:
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    Really sorry man were all at the merciy of a few idiots who just don't Care. May god's healing hands smile down upon you and help you make a full recovery. rick (spartacus55)
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    Best wishes in your full recovery
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    Ohh Mike, Im so sorry to hear about your accident. Your very lucky to still be here. It will take awhile for you to recover but you can come on here and visit with the rest of us. This is a great place to recover with.
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    Sorry to hear of yur misfortune, but at least you are still with for the idiot and the insurance adjuster, thats what lawyers are for.....
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    Best wishes to you. Take your time and get fully healed before rushing back into riding. I know, easy for me to say!
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    Sorry to hear of your accident. At least you're still here with us.
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    Wow, thats amazing, you're lucky. Best wishes for your continued recovery.