Is a Dyna a bad "first bike"?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Bedrock, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Bedrock

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    I just recently got my motorcycle endorsement & my only riding experience is the weekend msf course I took where I rode a 250 Honda Rebel for 2 days.
    I'm mc shopping now. I really like the Dyna Fat Bob, w/ the sportster 48 as a close second. I have read a lot of threads about 'buying your second bike first' and that many people who get a sportster grow out of them & look to trade up to a dyna, especially when on longer rides.
    My question is: is a dyna too big/powerful a bike or otherwise a poor choice for a brand new rider? I've read other articles saying that new riders should start w/ smaller/less powerful (metric) bikes instead & now all these newbie accidents happen w/ new riders leaving the dealer. I'm 5'11" in my mid 30's & am not looking to set the road on fire but want a nice bike I actually enjoy.
    Any thoughts?
  2. lowriderfrf

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    After 3 decades without riding, i bought a metric 650 cruiser and was bored in about a month. Moved to a 1700 metric and didn't care for it much either. Finally bought a Dyna Lowrider about 4 years ago. Since then I have done a few performance mods, and I still love the bike, in spite of several friends trying to convince me to move up to a bagger. My son recently got his MC license too. Since the training class he has only ridden the Dyna under my supervision. First a few hours of parking lot exercises, then on some two lane roads. He had no trouble going straight to the Dyna without starting on a smaller bike. I have a cousin and nephew that went with Sportsters and as you have heard they are pretty well worn on long rides. My two cents go for the bob and you will be happier overall.
  3. RibEye

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    IMO A nice Dyna is a super bike to start with. You go right ahead. Treat her real gentle until you get to know each other good. You'll be fine.

    Rich P
  4. Harley38

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    I will echo the two posts above and say, go with the Dyna. My first Harley and street bike was a 2009 Dyna Fat Bob. Loved the bike and was perfect for me starting out.

    The only reason I sold the Dyna was I went up to a EG Ultra. The Ultra fits me better at 6'5" and I am getting into longer rides.

    Enjoy and picking out that first bike is a lot of fun :D
  5. Iceman24

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    It could be, but would you want to "learn" on your dream bike...that's the question of the day...?? With your experience, I'd say hold-off on the Dyna for now and get a decent/cheap "learner" bike because it's not a matter of if you'll's a matter of when & how many times. Not wishing anyone to go over on a bike, but ride long enough & it's going to happen. Food for thought...JMO.
  6. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    The Dyna series is the cheapest Big Twin available, that said I would test ride them to see if they meet your expectations, If it is in your budget you can rent them by the day JMO
  7. TQuentin1

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    I bought a '91 Dyna as my first HD bike. Very good option since they have a low center of gravity and are therefore very stable.

    I would ensure that you have a crash guard on it in case you accidently drop it. That definitely helped me a time or two.

  8. markfsanderson

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    My experience is a little different from yours, having owned a motorcycle (Honda CB450) about 25 years ago. I also took the MSF course @ the H-D dealership that received my new motorcycle from NH from where I moved. Taking that MSF course was a great move - I congratulate you on your great decision there! My way looking/shopping for motorcycles was rather unusual . . . . I read a lot (here and elsewhere), went to dealerships and talked to salesmen, customers, and started learning about the different motorcycles and etc.
    The FXDC SuperGlide Custom (Dyna) was well within my budget and it just 'felt right'. I've always wanted to build/own a Harley but never had the time/$$ to do so. The wonderful attributes that the Dyna chassis brings are great looks, expandability, good power (esp w/ a stage 1 upgrade!), relatively low cost, and the ability to do both street cruising around town, go long distances, and flexibility. Correctly equipped, a Dyna can be converted from a street cruiser to a 'mini-bagger' in 5 minutes (or less!).

    So my advice is, do what 'feels right'. Life is short - buy your passion and have fun doing it!

    Thanks - Mark!:newsmile026:

    PS: I'm still dreaming about an early model basket case of some kind . . . who knows . . . I might find my dream 1937 Indian Scout basket case for very little money around the corner ( yeah right! ) . . . but I can still dream! haha!
  9. rhino 2

    rhino 2 Active Member

    Two schools of thought'
    1) Buy a small beater, Ride it for a few months.
    2) Buy the Dyna, Ride it carefully till you get the hang of it,
    And save a lot of money, Because you'll save the cost of the beater, But also as with most beaters you'll be dumping money in it to keep it running.
    So which ever way you go have fun and ride safe.:bigsmiley23:
  10. DFHarley19

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    You heard from above! I don't need to repeat them. From my experience, you would be happy only if you research them a lot! It depends on who you are. Just go with your gut!