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  1. cdn-bigfoot

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    I would like to thank the members, admin's and moderators of HDTimeline. This forum is my home for everything Harley Davidson, and the home of good people. I have gained much experience about wrenching on my Street Bob here and contributed to the greater knowledge of our community.

    Today I quit my membership on another forum in disgust over the petty quibbling and showing off on their Bike Of The Month threads. I have in the past been offended by the petty bickering over what should have been a fun thread/contest. Today I had enough. Bye Bye CC.

    I look forward to contributing more to this forum and taking away even more.

    Thanks to Glider, Hobbit and all the other contributing members of HDTimeline.
    :worthy :worthy :worthy :worthy :worthy :worthy :worthy :worthy :worthy :worthy
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  2. glider

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    We try to keep that sort of thing off HD Talking. It has been the downfall of more than one forum.

    Thanks for your post.
  3. ultrat

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    This forum is about bikes for bikers. bikers with a good heart. man or woman, learning sharing stories and technical knowledge. this is my take on it.. .& I'm happy its here to.. Tom..
  4. Gas Gauge

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    It's a family, which I can attest to!
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    I am a member on two, Harley related forums. I spend 99% of my computer/Harley time on THIS forum after starting out around 50/50. Need I say more?
  6. Breeze3at

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    I also belong to another HD forum. HD talking is where I spend most of my time. There are a few people on the other forum who's egos are larger than thier ability to understand a different point of view. I am a big fan of the zero tolerance rule here. It seems we need the constant reminder to "play nice". I get it each time I see a members name in red and "on vacation". :34:
  7. ugocon

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    What's wrong with that??

    I'd also try to ban those who speak with that "stiff upper lip" accent that very badly matches the "yankee" origin of our iron horses... ride a Triumph instead!


    (try to guess how a "macaroni" accent like mine would be appropriate.... :D)

    Seriously, sometimes I feel that moderators act too abruptly with posts that are just a little deviating from rules.

    But I have to admit that this seems the best approach to avoid degenerations and keep this place an useful source of news, facts and also funny moments for HD lovers, so far unrivalled.

    Thank you all!


    P.S. don't act too "abruptly" with this post: I'm kidding!
    forgive me, forgive me, forgive me.....
  8. cedarbrook63

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    Best place there is on the www for Harleys and all about lovin' 'em.

    There's a real sense of community here - I've shared thoughts and stories with some members who are friends and only wish that the Atlantic weren't so full of stuff to rust my bike as I'd love to be able to go and ride a few miles with them. I've gotten to know Hobbit, and we get out riding from time to time, who I now call a friend who is as generous a man as you would care to meet with his experience and his time.

    This is a great forum and my thanks to one and all who run it and contribute to it. :D

    Ride safe everyone.
  9. glider

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    Just a word on this subject...

    The members are not aware of the PM's that go back and forth behind the scenes when a member gets out of line on the forum. In most cases what is spoken on the forum is minor compared to what is said to the moderators in PM's and the reason for a member to be removed in what seems to be a minor infraction at face value.
    I am perhaps a bit quicker to act when a member gets out of line because I have seen where it ends up when the member goes uncorrected on the forum.

    Short fuse and big hammer :lolrolling
  10. Gas Gauge

    Gas Gauge Junior Member

    I suspect the members are not aware of half the work that goes into running a site like this and keeping it legite. I know one thing....I appreciate what is done behind the scenes on our behalf so we can have civil conversations with one another. Not that your explanation is needed Glider, but as always your guiding hand is appreciated.

    Why am I thinking of Buford Pusser?