Horrible 1st ride

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by sgt_1230, Mar 15, 2010.

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    Well, today was a beautiful day out in central Wi(55/sunny) so I got my wife's bike out and took it for a little 5 mile ride. (My new bike is still awaiting the exhaust and should be ready this week). I had put the shorter rear HD air shocks on it a couple of weeks ago, so thought it would be a good time to try them. I went down a state hwy, then onto the county highway, then onto the town road and home. 55 MPH tops. I parked the bike in the garage and got off and just about had an accident in my drawers. The left side saddlebag was missing! I hopped in my car and re-traced my route and found the bag on the side of the county hwy. It isn't cracked, but pretty good case of road rash where I doubt it can be fixed. I checked to make sure the other bag is securely fastened on the bike (it is). My dad helped me with the shocks and the only thing I can think is we didn't have the bag sceured onto the bike properly. It is an 07 CVO Ultra, so hope I can get a new bag at the dealer(biggest concern is the custom paint). I have insurance, so I am not too concerned about that, just about being able to get a replacement that actually matches. Has anyone else out there had this misfortune? Man I was about crushed when I saw the missing bag. I didn't hear a thing when I was riding, (no helmet, just enjoying the beautiful weather)-or so I thought.
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    PLEASE, don't take this the wrong way, but that was not a Horrible 1st ride. A Horrible 1st ride was if you or your wife were injured or worst. The bike can be fixed. No one likes their bike more than I do, but it's a machine, a thing that can repaired as good, or better than before. I'm Thankful that you or your wife were not hurt. Look at this as a learning experience and an opportunity to get some better bags, maybe some you like more. I'm writing this as a friend, not some indifferent bafoon...
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    I agree with Harry. I was expecting to hear you laid it down and got hurt. I'm glad all is well. I really don't know for sure but I suspect they should be able to order you one. Ride safe.
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    See if you can get the name of a good painter. It is amazing what a good body man can do. The only thing is, it may be cheaper to buy a new bag the get the existing one fixed.
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    very true
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    Ain't that the truth.
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    I was following a fellow rider on his CVO ultra and the left bag was hanging. I caught up to him in time before it fell off. His had a bad clip and HD replaced the hard bag. It had minor scratches. 2009 model.
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    I was behind A guy one time that had throw over leather saddle bags and one of them flew twenty feet into the air with no warning whatsoever.The other one was held on by a strip of leather wrapped around the rear axel.He was lucky that day.
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    I recall reading a post where someone replaced the standard HD "slot & twist" pins w/ones from a hardware store. The replacement(s) had actual pins w/keys & I saved the pics to re-create w/my bike. Plan to do this soon & stories like this are the driving factor. This would be more secure than stock.

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    I'll have to go with sgt1230 here ,that is a pretty horrible first ride. I've read a couple other posts about bags falling off so I now check my pins every time I take the bags off and have had to replace one because the ears on the pin were a bout to break. Sorry to here about your misfortune, good luck with the replacement.:small3d029: