HDT Weight Loss Challenge

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by Dr.Evil, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Dr.Evil

    Dr.Evil Junior Member

    We have been reading about the successes of “Non Drinkers” so I thought I would like to hear some successes about loosing weight.

    I would like to challenge some members here along with myself to see what we might accomplish together.

    My story is that, for the later part of my life I have been overweight. Three years ago I was able to loose 65lbs and keep it off for 2 years. Unfortunately it has all but returned and I have become frustrated with my self. From all the really great people I have found here at HDT, I figured your support would mean more to me then any diet help group out there. I do not want to make this into any kind of race or contest, as that is not how to properly loose weight and keep it off. Rather a place to post your progress; maybe share some recipes, and give one another some support.

    I would like to lose that 65lbs again, and I think I will start right now. Instead of ordering that pizza, and starting on Monday, that never works.

    I hope some others will join me.
  2. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    I lost 58 LBS in two weeks :D

    All you have to do is try to live on hospital food. :lolrolling
  3. Rubyred

    Rubyred Senior Member

    Now you want to do a weight loss challenge. I just can't win. I have lost 142 pounds on the Atkins diet and am keeping it off on their maintenance program. I would like to lose another 10 or so, but am satisfied where I am.:)
  4. whacko

    whacko Junior Member

    I lost 100 pounds in 1999 - 2000 and have kept most of it off. Gained back about 20 over the last 4 years but not doing too bad! I would like to take off that 20 pounds as well! I'll accept the challenge!

    For me it has more to do with lack of exercize at the moment. I'm a full timer with the Army National Guard.....I eat right and exercize and can pass my pt test but need to up the ante a couple notches on the intensity of my workouts! I'm with you.....starting today I am going to push my workouts harder and concentrate just a little harder on my diet! 20 lbs by bikini weather?!?!?!? Maybe I'll fit back into my camoflage speedo by July 4?:newsmile071:
  5. Dr.Evil

    Dr.Evil Junior Member

    A hospital is no place to get healthy!
  6. mat 60

    mat 60 Senior Member

    I just want to say Keep up the good work guys ...I also am trying to get in good shape and what helps me is thinking how much better I am going to feel riding my bike this summer..:D

    BOWHIKER Junior Member

    Here is my 2 cents , I lost 35 2 years ago I've been trying to loose another 10 but it's a real struggle . I work out 5 nights a week , crunches , another core exersize which I don't even know what it's called , and lift weights . I do this for 20 minutes 5 nights a week . When I lost the 35 lbs. I walked fast for 2 miles 5 nights a week that seemed to be the best beside watching what I ate , salad 3 nights a week and a turkey sandwich every day for lunch 5 times a week , I've eaten turkey 5 days a week fo 10 years !
  8. Mad Dog Jim

    Mad Dog Jim Banned

    I keep putting it back on 12 ounces at a time~
  9. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    In deed, I think Steve looks pretty fit, I cut out SODA and am down from 160 to 148 and have more energy Looking Good Steve:s Bet after trimming my stash I lost a few more pounds
  10. geezer

    geezer Senior Member Contributor

    You'll have to put rocks in your pocket so you don't blow away in the wind Jack.