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Has ANYONE seen a Rocker yet?

like bluesssman our dealer reackons new year summertime for the rocker to arrive, we will see
Yep i've seen both models and sat on both!They were at the Brisbane bike show in late September.I'm about 180cm and weigh far too much,but i was surprised at how 'small' & agile they felt.Ialso felt the solo seat was more'comfortable' than the seat on the FXCWC.You could feel the tucked-away pillion seat and as for getting anyone to sit on that for more than 10 minutes,well-----.
The finish was great and both bikes looked pretty spectacular.
The FXCWC in Crimson Sunglo was bloody marvellous and the extra chrome really made it a standout.
H-D Australia deserves applause for letting thousands of people climb all over those beauties.:bigsmiley12:
now thats just showing off :bigsmiley20:not even the UK dealers have seen one of these beasts other than pictures when do you get one?
Actually, i DID put a deposit down on the FXCW and 2 things happened:(1) i got told of l o o n g waits for the Rockers(even worked out my $2295 personal no. plate FXCW or ROCKR) and(2) i saw a Softail Deluxe.
So there you go.:tounge
Tell me you guys are not talking about this. :lolrolling

Just what exactly is a rocker ???


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Rockers are scheduled to ship to Dealers starting February 15 2008. My dealer has been told to expect his first 3 on Feb 19 2008. All 3 Black "C" models.
Tell me you guys are not talking about this. :lolrolling

Just what exactly is a rocker ???

Well ,actually i WAS! Being born in 1956 means i'm an older rider and cant handle the weight and horsepower that i once could.

Hence my attraction to this low, and low powered H-D.PLUS it has the added benefit of being rideable by my grandkids(when all our kids get around to having them,of course)

In the interim i'll just sit on this on the verandah of my assisted living quarters and make vroom vroom noises.:p
From pics that I've seen online of people sitting on them they dont look very good. Some Aussies were sayin they are very disperportionate and the color schems make them look like toys. I haven't actually seen one in person though. :panic
So Harley is teasing everyone world wide with this one! I doubt it is on purpose, if these things are as sexy as they look in the pictures, I expect them to outsell the rest of the HD lineup. With all the hype from the chopper shows on TV and the number of custom bike shops here in California, I think a Rocker is what most people would consider a REAL mean bike.
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Do you also go "Squeeallll" or "weeeeeeeeeeeeeee" when you tip up the front and make it like you're doing a wheelie?

I hope he doesn't go "weeeeeeeeeeeeee" when he is on his rocker or the nurse at the ast. living quarters will make him sit in the corner for a time-out! OH -- you meant verbally not the other!! As Glida Radner used to say --- NEVER MIND!!!:skipping:D:bigsmiley8:
I just have a question (rhetorical as it may be).
Why would the good folks a Harley Davidson introduce a bike in the 08 model year then not make it available until almost a year later ..only a few months before the new model year is introduced ? Have these folks been hanging around with the execs from Chrysler ( Challenger) or the execs from GM ( Camaro). Lookie here people at our new model for sale in....ummm...well...someday. Don't you want one ..we know you do...isn't it nice ...well just be patient ....Very patient and someday we may actually have them for sale. But for now we will just revel in the hype and revenue generated by the little tidbits we throw out to you. It's like I'm living in an unending episode of Lost. For a company that made it's reputation on the image of the individual anti establishment mentality they sure seem to be marching in lock step with the rest of corporate America. ...Well I will get off my soapbox now

I guess I'm just crabby because I can't ride because of the weather.