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  1. DDogg

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    What would you engineer differently on your Harley if you had the chance to make a change? I'm a spline and gear engineer and we do alot of work for Harley. I was talking to an Engineer the other day and the conversation changed to my bike. He asked me if I could change or add something to my bike, what would it be? We got to talking and I told him about a forum I frequent (HDTimeline) and that would make a excellent post. So, he suggested I post asking if you had a chance to make a change or addition to your bike what would it be? Let's hold this guy to his word. You let us know what you would change if you were an engineer. I'll keep up with this post and compile a list. Let's not list problems unless a change you recommend can fix the problem. I've worked with this engineer for years. He said the way things are with the economy, they need all the help they can get to make a better product along with making changes that will sell. I believe our recommendations will be read by who matters. So, if have an idea, let's hear it.
  2. kemo

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    Lets use more US and Canada parts and get rid of the cheap crankshafts and bearings.
  3. STEVE07

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    Larger diameter fork tubes on the touring bikes would get rid of a lot of the front end problems for those that want to ride their bikes a little harder.
    Too much bend and flop in the present set-up.I am replacing mine this winter.
  4. whatyardwork

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    Eliminate the ambiant temp guage and replace it with an oil temp guage on touring models.

    Also like to see some sort of a glove box incorporated into the batwing fairing.
  5. captkirkis

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    Most definitely!!!! That air gauge is garbage!:lolrolling Also would like to see better quality tour pak hinges and latches!
  6. JJDH

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    bigger more powerfull water cooled engine from the factory. the metrics are bullet proof, also much more powerfull. harley needs to update in that area.. IMHO.. get rid of the temp gauge. :small3d004: inverted adjustable hydrolic forks. hydrolic adjustable shocks for the rear standard not just cvo. those are my complaints no offense..
  7. RetiredJake

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    Design a transmissions that shifts without being heard on the next block

    A lower first gear on baggers
  8. FLHXTom29715

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    Even start with an air cooled engine with an oil cooler, a good size oil cooler standard. oil temp instead of a useless air temp guage standard.
  9. STEVE07

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    The Buell and V-Rod have a bigger more powerful water cooled engine.
    I want to stick to the air cooled V-Twin as long as EPA will allow it.JMO
  10. TLMitchell

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    Regardless of where the parts are sourced, I vote for quality over cost savings. "Assembled" cams that have incidences of twisting, scissored cranks, deleting the brass bushings on rods, weak compensators, valve train components that sound like everything in there is made of pot metal..... getting rid of the primary inspection port in '07 was dumb. I could go on and on. It appears that design service life only has to be until the warranty runs out.

    Who's the moron that thinks the useless Air Temp gauge on dressers is a good idea? He should be fired. Who's the dimwit that decided to get rid of the rubber headlight gasket? It's now a good thing to have bugs and water inside the headlight housing? He should be fired. Who's the genius that designed the '09+ 28-spoke wheels so that it's an exercise in frustration to check pressure or add air? He should be fired AFTER being flogged! And who's responsible for the D407 fiasco? The front tire on the Rocker always came with the D408-style "reversed" tread. Who thought it was a good idea to change that on the rest of the model line? That person is costing the MoCo more money than he's making them as well as eroding consumer confidence.

    The difference in price between my 2000 Ultra and my 2010 Ultra was around $3000. Frankly, I'd rather pay more for higher quality components. Saving manufacturing steps and cost savings adds to the bottom line. Loss of sales due to stupid design and penny-wise, pound-foolish thinking negates the savings and diminishes the marque. It seems like we're on the road back to AMF-like thinking.

    Harley - Davidsons are a premium product. Saving a few pennies here and there resulting in diminishing quality is counter productive. When Willie and the boys meet in the Design Bunker at the Development Center on Fridays the bongs and crack pipes ought to be removed from the room before they start brainstorming.