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Apes or Beach bars on my bike?

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I'm debating on apes Vs. beach bars for my 91 Fatboy. Does anyone know how far I can push it and re-use my factory cables? Also, I want to move the wires inside. Any votes as to which bars would look better. Here's a pix of the bike (when I 1st bought it. I've since lowered it and removed the back seat).

Bars are a personal preference but anything over about a 2" rise for most bars from stock bars will require some cable changes.The wide beach bars may require cable changes as well.
I take the screen off every chance I get (which is only 2-3 months out of the year here in WA). I wanted to give it more of a bobber look but my wife really likes beach bars. Most of the Fatboys around here have beaches so I wanted to go the other way. Drag bars are out. I like the Gangster apes by Carlini Designs but I don't know if I want to spend that much.
Another sight all to common around here is the mini-apes or risers on stock bars. I'd rather have a harder edge look and freeze my arse off than stop short of what I really want.
Maybe I should just move to a warmer state and lose the screen forever. Wind screens are like condoms, I only use them when I absolutely need them (that's why I got married, I don't use a screen w/ her either ) :bigsmiley22:
Internal wiring will suck up more wire over external as it is limited in routing directions. Bite the bullet, buy the bars you like and measuer for wire. Personally I don't like windscreens with apes, but long rides at high speed like on the interstate, I want my windscreen, I don't see where being beaten by wind and bugs all day makes me macho, my personality does.:coffee
I figured I'd have to replace the cables & wires. It would be nice if I could manage to save money on something, but then again, it wouldn't be a HD:56:
I figured I'd have to replace the cables & wires. It would be nice if I could manage to save money on something, but then again, it wouldn't be a HD:56:

You can re-locate the turn signals to the lower side screw on your tins. that will free up a bit of space for internal wiring. I also replace the brake line with the hard black hydraulic line that I run internally, so all you are left with are the 2 throttle cables and clutch. Mirrors mounted under the bars and whala.. you good to go. On 16" apes you need to order 10 over for the throttle lines and you can get away with 8 over for the clutch. forgot to mention that the main reason for the internal brake line is that they are really hard to match. Good luck.
Take a look on Ebay, there are 16" ape set ups with everything you need above the clamp. I put a set on my last Harley and they looked very cool. I'm running wide beach bars on this one. I'd put a photo up if only I knew how.:49:
My brother just bought a 2008 Fatboy and fitted Narrow Beach Bars(these are 1 1/4 " diameter and allow internal wiring),the" Phat" risers and "Diamondback" cables.On HIS bike all electrical cables fitted just fine.The view from the rider's position is superb;no cables and the "Phat" risers have the handlebar clamp bolts coming through from underneath so all you see is 2 arch shaped pieces of chrome.No ugly bolt heads.
Iwas so impressed everytime i rode his bike that i fitted the same setup to my new FLSTN.
If you want,i can post the part no's of the bits he/we used.
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