H-D worth more than a Metric?

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    I’m tired of people (EDIT) about buying a Harley. Their comments are like this, Harley isn’t made in the US anymore. Harleys made in Japan and they made of poor quality. You can buy a Honda or Yamaha they are cheaper and better. Jap bikes are a better value.
    I say (EDIT) !!!!! Most of all this is the reason that our country is failing we produce nothing and buy every thing. At least when I buy an over priced under powered Roadking I’m supporting someone in Milwaukie, Wisconsin. Most of H-Ds parts are made in the US.
    So who is the rice burner supporting someone in a sweat-shop and there building parts under threat of not eating that day.
    I want to support the right to collective bargaining rights and the right to a fair wage. Buy American and support a US family. Best ting is that In Five years MY H-D WILL STILL BE WORTH 5 TIMES THE AMOUNT AS JAP BIKE.

    Please read this...
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    I've found out most people that talk down about our HD's would give anything to have one, but ain't got the coin or guts to buy one and have to eat their words.
  3. Truck-in

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    I think you are rite just a bunch of haters, but it’s the ignorant people that gets me.
  4. Rubyred

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    I didn't buy my Harley to support HD. I bought because it is the best bike around and is very easy to work on (IMO). These bikes could be cheaper but the old saying is "you get what you pay for."
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    Gee the trip to York must have been an dream, I would have sworn I saw an assembly line of Harleys being buit there, and not in rice land......
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    a guy i used to work wth got some kind of Kaw cruiser struted around about how his bike cost half of mine and looks just like a Harley his bile was three years old and the wiring harness burnt up i told him "you know it does look like a Harley,,,,, sitting there"
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    What I have found is, in owning both metric and Harley, my Harley, though costing more money is equal to that much more bike over all. I am interested in seeing what dollar value the used metrics will have in 2 to 3 years, for the big cruisers are almost at 20 grand.
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    I've had both, as many of us here have. I tell people "Yes, the metrics are finely engineered machines, but my Harley is a MOTORCYCLE". I'll never ride anything else.
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    Can't say it Better than That. Perfect!
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    I find it interesting that you would say a road king is overpriced and under powered. I honestly shopped for two years before buying my first motorcycle last summer! I looked at just about every brand out there....even BMW and Triumph. I read the reviews....I test drove.....I researched....after looking at all the ups and downs of the manufacturers out there I could not get by the fact that a HD motorcycle is a quality machine. The chrome, the paint, the sound, the feel. And riding a 96 CI motor to me has PLENTY of power. Do the metrics put out the same or SLIGHTLY more power for less $......PROBABLY.....but what will that metric cruiser LOOK like in 10 years? A faded out rusty anchor! I fell in love the with quality fit, finish, and construction of a HD the first time I sat on one at a dealership! The extra money is worth it!!!!!!

    BTW I purchased a 2010 Super Glide Custom and spent about $3K more on it than a cmparable metric.......and it is worth every dollar!