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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Redman, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Redman

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    I have the need for a gps for my job and am wondering what you would recommend that would make a great switch to my FLHX when not in the car...I am technologically an infant so the easiest and most accurate. I would like to keep it small to mount on handlebars. Thanks for your help:s

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    I know this may not be related, but some commercial delivery companies offer GPS with travel planner when multiple destinations are involved and that is what the "next geneneration" GPS systems support. I do believe that after you get past the "flash" features like street names and big screens, the less published features like Bluetooth, multiple destination features, memory storage and remembering best "optimized routes" as well as on our motorcycles: weather resistance and rugged design usually drive you to the premium (read expensive) major brands like Tom-Tom, Garmin, Magellan models are your best bet, as size becomes a very "small" issue if you use it for business. JMHO having been there!
  3. allaco

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    I use a garmin Nuvi 205W with a Techmount handlebar system. So far works well for me, also purchased a hard wire power supply and wired it in direct.If it starts to rain I just pop it off and put it in my pocket.
  4. Davidw2415

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    I got an Garmin E-trex legand. Handheld. Small enough to take off and put in my pocket when I get off the bike so I don't have worry about it becoming someone else's. Also to small to see whileI'm going down the road, whitch is good because I don't want the distratio0n while I'm riding.

  5. jimweaver

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    My vote is for the Garmin 205W with a 4.3" screen. Holds position well and is big enough to read. Lots of accessories available on the web. I thought maybe I would use the windshield mount and attach it to the back of my helmet. That way the "Nag-a-gator" sitting behind me would be in charge of the route, and I could sit back and enjoy the ride. I've never been lost before, just temporarily unsure of my position.
  6. freedom3503

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    I purchased the Garman Zumo last year and have nothing bad to say about it when either mounted in the car or on the bike. hard mount on the bike to the portable mount in the car is an ease. waterproof, more options than i use but is the cats (EDIT) in my books.

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  7. martin14

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    I have a Garmin nuvi 255w, works well.

    Be sure before you go buy, think about exactly what features you want and need.

    Bluetooth is nice only if you other BT devices. :)
  8. wv2wheel

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    I've only had one GPS (I avoided them for a long time as I am generally an "analog" guy preferring maps to stuff like GPS although I work on and with computers all day). I bought a Garmin Zumo for my last bike and since it comes with both car and bike mounts I use it in both and really like it. For the bike its great. Easy to use, read and is durable and waterproof. For the car it is just as easy to use plus I can pair my cell phone with it and let the Garmin alert me of incoming calls and answer the call (or make them) on the Garmin while driving hands free of the phone. Very nice.

  9. Kevin's Kustoms

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    I would get one of the Zumos They are the most bike user friendly GPS that I know of. That is what we all use.
  10. km@c

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    Garmin Zumo 550. Comes with the car mount. I too use it for work.
    You can preload routes and I think like 500 waypoints as favorites.

    Made and built to take motorcycle vibrations