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Girl Bikers

Hi! I'm one of the couple of girl bikers that I've seen on this board. I wanted to know what the guys think of girl bikers. I also wanted to know who some of the girl bikers are on this board. It's good to see that you're obviously very welcoming of us girl bikers here. I look forward to chatting about this here topic in particular as it's always interesting to see what other people think. Thanks!
Hey, count me in, I am a girl biker too. Of course I started on the back of my husband's bike. But now a few years later I have ditched him and got my self my own bike. I would never go back. I love having my own bike and everything that goes along with that. I would be more than happy to talk to any other girl bikers also. Good thread.
Nice to have you here aimee. I love chatting with other girl bikers who have come to see the real freedom of riding their own bike. I would never go back to riding on the back of anyone else's bike either.
I think this place is great, it is so fun chatting with other bikers. Most of them sound like they enjoy it as much as I do. Unfortunately, it snowed here today and so I will have to put the bike away soon, I am still hoping to get one more ride in this weekend, the forecast says 54 on Saturday.
Great talking with you, hope I keep seeing you around.
So many girls here on board I noticed that as well. First time I seen this many girl bikers with your own bikes and everything. You gals can make a biker gang. lol, nice to see you all here at any rate.
It's nice to know we aren't alone in the world. I started riding with my dad when I was 16 and I taught my husband to ride. Looking to buy my first Harley very soon. Won't say what I have now, don't want you to kick me out LOL.
LOL bikerbaby! I started off on a Honda, bought my first Harley and won't look back now. It is nice to see a bunch of women gathering together in biker sisterhood. I'm glad to see you all here and hope you'll stick around and feel welcomed.
Every day I see more and more women bikers on the road and they are just as good as, we men are. More power to you gals. Enjoy the boards.
Is it just me or am I the only one that's noticed "NONE" of you "biker girls" has put even one letter of a word in your Profile section in this forum. Ya say ya want to get to know people but we don't even know where ya all are from or where ya ride.Why so '' secretive" ??? Afraid some of the guy bikers in this forum will try to "hit" on ya or "stalk" ya ???? Ya know, you can put out some very basic "friendly '' personal info without being " afraid " you've put out too much " personal " info. This isn't '' e-Harmony " ladies.You don't have to put your phone #s or addresses (e-mail or home ) unles ya wanted to. Your choice. I see most of the guys don't have anything to hide.Who knows, some of ya might live close enough by some of us in this forum that ya might get invited to a big ride,picnic, or biker event or social. Your decision. Take care & ride safe, HI-tek Rednek:57: