Famous people you met?


I met these : Kiss, Guns and Roses, Ozzy, Metallica, Hank Williams Jr, and lot more. My cousin worked at a Civic Center and got me back stage passes. I also met this girl from soap show Mindy Lewis, can't remember her real name. She was at a mall here doing publicity. Met Alfonzo Riviera when he was 12.
I met a bunch of the Yankees from the 80's, also met Michelle Pfeifer when she was filming in NYC. I met Aerosmith in 96 at a concert in South Carolina that was pretty cool.
I haven't met anyone that famous but have met some Penguins Hockey and Steelers Football team members. I wasn't really that impressed or enthralled though because they just acted like normal people to me. I guess maybe I was expecting something different.
The closest I have come to someone famouse was Mick Foley aka ManKind from the WWE. He came into the c-store I managed and I was dumbfounded. Then 2 weeks later I met him again at Six Flags, kind of odd huh?
I met Dean Stockwell from Quantum Leap, Alec Baldwin, Mike Tyson, Micky Mantle, Reggie Jackson, Whitey Ford (not all at the same time). Bikerbaby, twice in 2 weeks that sounds pretty wild. Did you talk to him or get his autograph?
My list is not as long as the others but I will never forget meeting John Travolta in LA. I have also been lucky enough to meet Stephen King at Sox game, which was awesome!
I met former president Carter, i have met many professional hockey players. I also met actress Stockard Channing. I have met a few US senators and once even met Ted Kennedy. I cannot think of anyone else so either I am really tired or I have not met too many!!
Out of the celebrities that I have encountered, I have noticed that most of them are just like you and me. I find it hard to ask for an autograph when all they are doing is trying to live their life.
John Candy, I was working in a store on MI Ave in Chicago, helped him buy some stuff, he left the store. My manager told me who he was after he left, I had know idea. Met Sammy Sosa, and Harry Carrey when I lived there also.

I live about 20 miles from Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, home of Loretta Lynn. My wife and I run into her quite often in town. A real downhome lady. You would never know she was famous with the way she talks to you. Also Michael Landon back in my teenage days. And Vince Gill bought a pair of boots from me once when I was managing a boot store - so did Tim Magraw. Also met Ricky Skaggs and Susy Boggas. They visited Okinawa and I interviewed them on Armed Forces radio for the troops back in the 80's, prior to my retirement from the Marines. Met Christian singer Carman after one of his concerts. Gosh, living so close to Nashville, it's hard to remember all I have met.