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Ever seen anyone fuel up on the bike?


This is so freaking dangerous I don't even know where to begin. Seen this just the other day and boy did I give him an ear full.
First turn it off! You could cause a spark and catch fire very easily.And if it where to catch, you want to have to jump off then or just run?
Always keep the nozzle touching metal, keeps from causing static.
Take your helmet off espicially if hooked to the bike.
And lastly, want a lap full of gas?
Some people are so damn dumb. It's runs along the same concept as pumping while using a cell phone. People don't realize the danger of this because they think it's just a freak thing.
Yes I have seen them with phones stuck in their ear also, drives me bonkers to see people act so silly and irresponsible like that.
I knew a guy when I was younger that had a run in at the pumps, his face is scared for life now. He was lucky it was only scars!
It is illegal here to pump gas with your bike running. As a matter of fact we do not even have self service stations in this state so i guess the attendant would try hard to be very safe and make people comply with the laws.
Are you in Jersey too flybikes? We have no pump your own gas here at all. I did not even know how to do it until I was in graduate school and all they had where there was pump your own gas!
Wow here there is 1 full service out of the 100's that I been to, this must be a Southern thing to pump your own gas? I can't remember anywhere in the South that has full service but that 1.
Speaking of full service heres a dumb question, do you suposed to tip this guy? And if so how much?
No we do not tip the guy. He gets paid to fill the tank for you. We have no self serve at all and yes, I am in New Jersey. The funny thing is that our gas is not even as expensive as some of the places where you have to pump your own. I think in Massachusetts and other states up North they have pump your own too.
I'm not kidding, this is a true story. A friend and I were out riding last summer and we needed to stop for gas (self-serve here). My friend smokes, can ya tell where this is going?
I see that he pulled very close to the pump, and lights a smoke as he does his cell phone rings. So there he is sitting on he's Big Dogs Chopper talking on the cell and smoking just inches from a gas pump! When you think it can't get any better he takes the cap off his tank and starts filling. I'm at the pump next to him watching to whole think, as I finish up he flicks his smoke in the general direction of my bike and me! With that we had to have a little talk. The thing is my friend is very smart and courteous, not sure what got into him that day.

That's the only time I've seen anyone fill there tank while on there bike.

This is a confession of true stupidity on my part. Last summer I needed gas and pulled my Sportster 1200 Custom to the pump. Now I do smoke but am not crazy enough to even think about smoking near a gas pump. But I was sitting on my bike holding the nozzle in the tank, keeping the bike upright, when I was distracted by something (I don't remember what now) but the nozzle came out of the opening and spewing gas at full speed hit the lip inside the filler space. Needless to say I got a faceful of gas - right in the eyes. That taught me a valuable lesson. First I never sit on my bike and fill anymore (I have a Heritage Softail Classic now), and second, I try my best not to be distracted. If I am, I release the trigger on the pump so as to not get showered again.
I don't get to the east coast, but Oregon is full service from what I remember, but from I recall in my travels, most states west if the Mississippi are self serve as are Wisconsin, Illinois and Kentucky. I've filled up while stradling my bike bike only a couple times, but the engine is always off and after thinking about this more, I doubt I'll ever do that again!