Engine Not Firing Properly. 1995 EVO

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    It seems that every fix to one thing, leads to another problem...

    Here's the background:

    1995 FLSTN

    Bike has been more or less starting when it felt like it. Turned out to be a loose positive battery terminal. While dealing with the battery terminal, I decided to install my nifty little phone charger that, OF COURSE, claims it won't run the battery down.

    Got ready to ride and came out fifteen - thirty minutes later after installing. Battery very low, but still cranking. Then it went dead. This was last night.

    Today, I charged the battery and got the bike started. Ran it for at least ten minutes and it seemed fine, but I noticed little puffs of smoke when rolling off the throttle. Very faint, almost not noticeable at idle.

    Shut bike off. Come back about thirty minutes later to see if battery was holding up. Started it again and ran it for several minutes, no smoke. Then it seemed to cough and then began running really rough and shut off.

    Bought a new battery and started it. While starting it, it sounded funny. Like a wheezing with singular pops as it tried to start. It did start, but then sounded like a single cylinder thumper.

    Bought new plugs, gapped 'em, and installed 'em. Same thing. Sounds like a single cylinder.

    I reached down and felt the front head, and it felt operational (heavier vibration), while the rear head felt less "active."

    I felt the exhaust coming out of the pipes. Bike has true duals. Front exhaust - warm. Rear exhaust - cold.

    The bike has a Crane Cams Fireball Hi-4E Ignition, model 8-3100. Haven't changed any of the settings.

    The bike just sounds like it's firing one cylinder. Pop-pop-pop-pop... There's no lope or anything.

    Anyone have any ideas here? I have a manual, but it's a Clymer (not so hot). Has some good info in the troubleshooting section, but I'd like to narrow it down. I think it may be something with the carb, etc. Not sure.

    Thanks, y'all!
  2. HDDon

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    Could be as simple as bad plug wires or a bad connection at the coils. If that fails you could have a bad coil. Check self help to see how to check a coil.
  3. SledDog

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    Intake seals, give em a check. If they have never been done they may be ready for a change.
  4. Hoople

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    The bikes has been running so it really doesn't matter but doesn't a Model 8-3100 (7-pin) fit up to 1994 and model 8-3101 (8-pin) fit 1995 & up.

    Are you running dual fire or single fire. Which coil are you using. How many terminals are on it.
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    What you describe sounds like a failed pick up, pull the Timer cover and check the pick up (PICK UPS) if this is single fire in which case the cylinder not firing has the bad pick up, Dyna systems were famous for this also, I have replaced alot of them under warranty
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    Hey guys! Been away from the desk trying to get to the bottom of major issues with my truck. Boy, when it rains, it pours.

    I appreciate all your comments. I should probably say that I don't know JACK when it comes to technical jargon.

    HDDon - I was told it may be the coil and to run an OHMs test on it. Haven't gotten to it yet, but will start there.

    SledDog - I will check that, as well.

    Hoople - The bike is a '95 and the FireBall is an 8-3100. Don't know if it was supposed to be for a '94 and I don't know what coil it is, nor do I know how many terminals there are. I will check and see. I can say that the unit is set to single fire, but there is a dual fire setting. I was wondering if I'd maybe switched it by accident, but I don't think I did and I don't want to mess with it without knowing what I'm doing (which I'm sure you've gathered by now, I DO NOT).

    Jack - Where is the pick up (apparently under the timer cover)? The Crane FireBall is set to single fire. Is that what it should be?

    You guys are awesome. I really appreciate your expertise. I hope y'all can be patient with my ignorance.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    YES, behind the cover:s
  8. Jack Klarich

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    http://www.cranecams.com/uploads/instructions/90003200.pdf Here You Go :s
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  10. Jack Klarich

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    Hey, get er done and let us know what the fix is and ride it:s