Engine Idle Temperature Management System

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Btown Bagger, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Btown Bagger

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    Glider or whoever may want to respond. I have my EITMS enabled, my question is, is there any indicator on Street Glide dash that lets you know it is actually working. The way I read the owners manual it indicates it is automatic. I originally thought you had to rotate throttle forward for it to work. I have not noticed difference in exhaust cadence or smell at any time. I have ridden in temps in lower 90s.
  2. 1harley

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    It is automatic if it is on there is no indicator that shows it is working the exhaust cadence will change some but not much. To turn it on or off you rotate the throttle foward hand hold till you see the indicater turn red or green. It has got to get hot for it to work!
  3. ironmark

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    On my 08 I have to rotate the throttle forward to turn on or off . You have to have the engine off and the ignition on , rotate the throttle forward until the cruise control indicator light in the tach flashes green around 5 times , do the same to turn it off except the cruise light will flash red . You may not need to let the light flash 5 times but thats what I do and everything works out OK . You will not hear the difference until the bike is get real hot like sitting @ stop lights for along time in the summer , the bike will be running on the front cylinder only and it will sound like it . If you are sitting @ a stop light and you know when it is going to change rev up the bike a little and the rear cylinder will fire up , it helps you take off if the bike is running on 2 cylinders otherwise it will be a little sluggish until the rear cylinder fires .
  4. Bud White

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    Just sounds and feel when it kicks in other wise no it would have a dash light to tell you when it comes on when your idleing
  5. joel

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    My 08 Ultra activated when in San Diego on our trip while sitting at a stop light, idle temp was hot , than it dropped the rear cylinder, the idle speed dropped and there was more vibration, didn't sit long enough to notice any difference in the exhaust smell, on my 09 RKC after along run on the hiway at the first stop it also did the same. Both times I didn't have enough stop time to notice any temp change. Didn't have any lag in acceleration from stop both times, but then again I find it easier to roll the throttle a couple times prior to releasing the clutch, maybe next time I can sit longer to see if the exhaust gives off a different smell
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    Mine enables and disables with the engine running, too.
  7. STEVE07

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    From what I understand my 07 was enabled by the dealer,and in high heat the only way I go back to 2 cyl. is to roll on the throttle
  8. Jim B.

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    On my 09 Road Glide, you have to set it each time you start the motor. Otherwise, it's off by default. You can also turn it on and off while the motor is running.
  9. Redman

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    Mine stays engaged until I turn it off...no need to do every time you start the bike...at least what I see as I restart my bike and try to reengage it was already on.
  10. Jim B.

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    That's interesting. Mine is always off until I turn it on each time I start up the bike. I know because it always engages when I roll the throttle forward. And we both have basically the same bike. May have to talk to the dealer about this. I'd sure like to have it on by default.