Dropped her yesterday.

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    Probably going to take me 40 minutes to write this because the cuss words start coming pretty easy once ya get going. (350mi)

    Bike has 350 mi on it. Was riding with the wife yesterday, stopped at a red light, had some Tom Petty (Break down) jamming on the cd player, looked over at the wife grinning ear to ear and head just a bobbing in the breeze feeling good as all get out.

    Went to take a left from the light and did'nt give her enough gas, she stalled and over she went in the blink of an eye.:newsmile08: I was very embarrased with a bunch of cars behind me, finally got her up on the crashbar and went to a parking lot with now 351miles on her

    Well I have a small scrape on the crash bar, and the very back tip of the left saddlebag is scratched as well as a tiny mark under the floorboard. To say I was upset is putting it very mild :devil, I then slammed my helmet on the ground which put a nice crack across the top of it so now I need a new one of those as well:bigsmiley12:

    I thought about having the bag repainted but then I was thinking ya know what, it's not that big and you can't see it unless your on the ground looking up plus it reminds me that it's now officially mine as I have dropped every bike I have ever owned, just not with 350 miles on it.

    For future reference does anyone know where to get some vivd black touch up paint? Does HD sell it?

    Ride safe and be careful guys although my mishap was minor it could have been much worse, especially since the car behind me had to jam on his brakes to avoid rear ending me.
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    Welcome to the club...."those that have, and those that will"....it's not an exclusive orginization. Ride long enough, and sooner or later, you WILL join.
    HD sells touch up paint.
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    Sorry to Hear what happened, I did drop My 08 EGC Twice after not having it that long, I did not have major Damage to the Bike, just some scratches on the Guards, I only Hurt My Pride. It will happen as long as you are going to Ride, If you cannot stop Her from going over just let her go down easy and get Help to pick her up because they are Heavy. You did not Help any by slamming your Helmet because you need a New Helmet now, Remember these Bikes can be Fixed/Repaired. I did trade the 08 EGC for a 09 RG because of some problems with the Bike, That Bike was top heavy compared to the RG.
    Try this site for Paint - http://www.colorrite.com

    2009 Road Glide - Red Sunglo
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    Glad you and your wife are OK and I hope it has'nt put her off going on the bike again. They all drop sooner or later, I look on it as adding character to the bike.
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    Glad it wasn't worse.it will make you question your self for a few days,but that goes away too!:s
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    glad it wasnt worse i was so mad when i droped mine almost fliped it over on the other side standing it back up
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    Look on the bright side. You've taught a cage driver not to crowd motorcycles. Maybe your incident will prevent him from rear ending someone down the road.
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    Yep.. HD does sell vivid black touch up paint. You can get it in a small bottle with a brush (like car touch paint) or in larger sizes.
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    Although not a Harley, a friend of my totalled an 09 2300cc Triumph Rocket after owning it for only 2 weeks and a grand total of 92 miles, a $20,000 bike.
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    Same thing happened to me, brutha- I think mine had about 1K on her- give or take. Was pulling in to the same parking garage I park in every day- slippery concrete floor was wet on the entrance ramp, going slow- being careful- back tire just slipped out and down she went. I was SO (EDIT). I completely know how you feel man. Welcome to the club. It happens.

    Touch her up with some paint from HD and don't worry about it. Nobody got hurt and that's all that matters.

    Take care man.

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