Do-it-yourself headset for Ultra Classic

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    There are other posts on this topic on the Internet but I thought I would share my experiences so far.

    There are two solutions if you want to add a headset and microphone to your Ultra.
    1. Pay HD $199 / set
    2. Build your own = $14.00 / set

    As an electronics engineer i chose #2
    Which includes:
    A. logitech PC headset 880 from for $12.99 equipped with a short noise cancelling boom microphone on the left head phone.
    B. (1) male 7 pin DIN connector from your local electronics store for $1.49.
    C. Solder DIN connector on to end of cable per pinout below:

    Pin 6 unused
    Pin 1 = Mic + = Gold colored multistrand wire wound around red shielded wire
    Pin 4 = Mic common = Red shielded wire wound with Gold wire used for pin 1
    Pin 2 = Headset common = Dark Green
    Pin 5 = Left + = Dark Purple
    Pin 3 = Right + = Red
    Pin 7 = PTT= not used with this headset (use PTT already on bike)

    I cannot take credit for finding the wiring diagrams but I did verify the pinout for use with the logitech headset.

    Strip the shielding off the red shielded wire. "tin" the wire with solder. All other wires have a very thin plastic coating. Carefully "tin" the end with a fully heated soldering iron and use a small amount of solder. Hold the soldering iron on the end until the solder sticks. This melts the coating off and takes a steady hand and a little patience. Carefullt trim the soldered wire to just a few millimeters of soldered wire (prevents shorting when the connector is completed).
    Carefully "tin" each of the DIN connector pins (too much heat will melt the plastic around the pins).
    Carefully heat each tinned pin and simultaneously insert the tinned wire into the matching pin.
    I recommend testing the connector at this point. Plug the bare connector (no shielding or outter rubber cover) into the bikes female DIN connector. Turn the ignition switch to accessory and check the head phones for audio (console audio switch all the way forward). Check the mic ckt by keying the PTT and talk into the boom mic you should hear your voice in your headphones. Once you have successfuly verified all functionality apply a large blob of silicone to back of the connector to hold the wires in place (also keeps water out). Finish assembly of the connector shielding and plastic cover. You are now done.

    For helmets equipped with pockets for head phones you can carefully cut off the hard plastic piece that connects the two headphones. Insert a headphone into each pocket and carefully route the wire connecting the two headphones inside the helmet behind the padding.

    I have tested the headphone for functionality but I have not verified the microphones ability to canel road noise with a road test yet.


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  2. crimedog

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    thankx for the info... will have to build one
  3. Animal

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    Have you thought about building and selling these. Your instructions are great but there are a lot of people without the skill or confidence to do this themselves.
  4. Rhoades

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    Interesting question Animal...I had not thought of selling them yet. I did notice other selling alternative solutions on Ebay for up to $85.00 / set.

    I would want to do some more protyping on my solution before I considered selling them myself though.

    I may consider it. Thanks for the encouragment!
  5. alto

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    I, for one, appreciate your efforts and talent to make one of these..
    I got shafted by buying the HD version for 199.00. I used it less than 6 times and, 30 days ( electronics) had passed...The unit quit working and I had to buy yet another one...This, seems like something I'll try .Fortunately, I have a friend who is an electronics master....I'll show him your drawing and instructions. I've saved them on computer for the time when my very expensive headsets (EDIT) out again.

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    I'm trying to convert a perfectly serviceable Mic/headset used on my Gold Wing. They used a five pin din but looking at your explanation, only five pins are used anyway.
  7. planohog

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    Thanks for the wire diagram and pin-out..

    I got a set of these for wife
    Whitehorse Gear - IMC Microphone and Speaker Kit for Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide, Full-Face P/N HHS10 $65 ish

    They fit in our flipup helmets pretty good this unit has one thing bad in the connector. There is no KEY.. so if your not carefull you will bend the pins. The
    Stock HD headset has a great KEY you cant screw up with that huge notch.

    Thanks again for the pinout

  8. jody7734

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    Great idea, one of the reasons I love boards like this.
  9. Tboehle

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    Well, tell us. Have you had a chance to test for road noise canceling yet. This sounds like a good alternative to the ripoff $200 HD alternative.
  10. y2kflhr

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    I bought 2 imc headsets, I already bent a pin and had to fix it, do you use it for music? I wasn't blown away by the quality.

    sorry for the drift.....