Cost Of Tires?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hd4evr, Jun 17, 2011.

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    What are you guys paying for tires?
    I just had my bike at the dealers and I was talking to a salesman I know, we were out in the parking lot, looking at my bike, and he happened to mention that my bike was gonna need tires pretty soon. Just out of curiosity I had the service guy write me an estimate to replace front and rear tires on my bike.

    OK, here's the breakdown. Dealer was kind enough to print it out for me:

    Tube MT/MU90-16 29.95 x 2=59.90

    D402F MT90B16WW 192.95

    Rim Bands Fit 16" Center 3.95 x 2=7.90

    D402MU8516WW 229.95

    Approx. 2 hrs 65.00 x 2=130.00


    Sales Tax 31.89

    Total amount Due: 652.59

    Oh, yeah, this is for a Road King Classic with spoke wheels.
  2. sharpscuba

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    Seems a bit high to me. I believe I paid around 500 for both.
  3. SixPak

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    I don't know where you are, but I just paid Barnes HD in Langley BC $271 after taxes. Got 25% tire price for buying it there. 21" D402 tire, tube , rim band and install. Took the wheel off myself to cut labour cost in half. Last year paid $322 for the 200mm rear. Took bike to them for that one.
  4. roadking01

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    I get my tires from J&P cycles, the tires are $154.99 for the rear and $134.99 for the front, I get the tubes and rim bands from the dealer, (had a bad experience with a tube from J&P) I do my own wheel R&R and tire mount. I save all of the labor which would be higher at my dealer, hourly rate is $95.00, and save on the price of the tires, I do pay for shipping but no tax, I always check the date on the tires and i've never gotten one older than a couple of months.
  5. Fatboy 07

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    Try Jake Wilson on the net!! I purchased Dunlop E3's for the front and rear for my 2008 Ultra and paid (delivered to my front door!) $183.00 about a year ago. Great service, fast delivery!:)
  6. Neal

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    I was in Tucson Arizona a month ago...they have a deal where you buy the rear tire ( Dunlop original H-D tire on the Road King ) & get the front tire for 1 cent...cost me $362.00 installed for both tires. The price of the same rear tire here in B.C. Canada is over $450.00.
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    HD dealership wanted $700 for Dunlop K591's on my 2010 FXDC mounted and balanced. I did alot of shopping around and got a local indy shop to do the exact same tire for $375 mounted and gotta shop around. In fact I dropped mine off at the indy shop about 3 hours ago for the new rubber and a 10K service. HD quoted me $1100 for the rubber and the 10k.....Indy is gonna have me out the door for $600 with teh rubber and 10k!

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    Paid about $170 for front and rear H-D Dunlops, $140 labor...and I was on the road in just over an hour (two techs) on a weekend. Just had to ask for discount for tires from Parts Service Manager...oh yeah they had Hot Dogs & Soft Drinks too LOL (it was a Test Ride Saturday special), it helps to time things a bit :D!
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    First, I have cast wheels, not laced. So factor that in.

    I buy my tires online from The Motorcycle Superstore. As an example for my bike, right now the Dunlop D402s are:

    Front: MT90HB-16 - -- - $108.99
    Rear: MU85HB-16 - -- - $132.99

    S&H is free for this amount. The cool thing is that if you order on the phone, they will put you on hold while one of the warehousemen goes and gets the manufacturing date off the tires in inventory. I then can place the order or not depending on age. I have never NOT placed the order. I will not accept a tire that is a year old or more before I get it.

    I have the tires mounted and balanced by a metric shop (Cycle Gear) for around $35/ea.

    So full set of Dunlops would cost me around:


    Obviously, I am not including any labor cost to dismount and mount the wheels back on the bike, because I do that myself.

    As a note, I no longer use Dunlops because of the issue with cracking in the water grooves (search the self help pages for info). When that happened to me personally, it convinced me. I am on AVONs right now, and will try the Pirelli Night Dragons next.

  10. BUBBIE

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    Warranty work on the bike,09 FLHR, last week, front warped Rotor replaced..

    While off , I had them put on a new front Stock HD skinny w.wall tire.. 1/2 hour labor as it was apart.. still 299$$ total..TOO BIG a Price... I'll go to the metric store and save BIG :newsmile093: next time IF i ever get back to Az..full time...:51:


    219$$ just tire