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Hey, My wife and I are going up in to Colorado the 14th of June, we will be entering from the southeast corner. What are some sites to see and the best places to stay in the central to southern part of the state.
My wife and I have been on some really spectacular rides around the country. I honestly believe that "The San Juan Skyway is probably the most interesting and beautiful ride I've done. We went to Durango and stayed for what was suppose to be 3 days ...ended up staying 7. Stayed at the Caboose Motel in Durango. We went from Durango to Mesa Verde ( Cliff Dwellings ) west onto Cortez..then turned north towards Telluride, and on to Ridgeway...Then got onto Hwy 550 ( the Million Dollar Highway) Headed south to Ouray...and WoW !...hold on tight...curves at 11,000 feet elevation no guard rails nor trees to break your fall. Then we headed on south to Silverton ,and on back to Durango...while in Durango we went to Four Corners,and Monument Valley. Also we rode hwy 160 up Wolf Creek theres just a little info maybe will get you started...Good Luck..I promise you will love it.
Thanks!!! This the part of Colorado we want to see!!!

Say! when you return..Please tell us how you liked it ok? Also watch for Black Bears in the area....we seen some when we did the Durango to Silverton train ride..seen the Bears at a stop in Cascade Falls..I live in bears are very scarce here so it was cool seeing them in their natural surroundings. If you ride at night be very cautious of Deers as well. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did...Good Luck.:D
P.S. Also watch for Elk. That part of Colorado is absolutely beautiful. I don't believe you would be dissappointed!! Have fun and ride safe!!
I have been lucky enough to be able to ride the last 6 years in western Colorado, Utah and Arizona. I would have to agree with Fourdogs the route he speaks of is a lot of fun. The only area that you may want to add is The Grand Canyon, if you have not seen it up close and personal you are missing a HUGE TREAT –

If you do go to the canyon we have to stay in Cameron, AZ this has a motel there that is run by the Navajo Indians, it is a GREAT Place to stay. Also that way you can go in to the park using Hwy 64 -
My wife and another couple did the same ride as you and loved it. That was some of the best country I seen. Can't wait to do it another time.
Hello This is my first day. Going to Drango the 13th of July. any thing you can warn me or share. Thanks FLSTC