Can You Purchase a Harley Under MSRP?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by dauber, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. dauber

    dauber Member

    Is it possible to purchase a Harley under MSRP? It seems in this current economic climate it should be the case. Thoughts ? Experiences?
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  2. Hoople

    Hoople Account Removed

    For me the 1st dealer said No Way.. MSRP or Walk. The 2nd Dealership said Sure, no one walks!

    I think the Only product in the U.S. that sells for MSRP no matter where you go is Stihl lawn equipment. Those guys will not budge a penny by orders of the Mother ship.. :)
  3. sprinklerfitter669

    sprinklerfitter669 Junior Member

    I picked up my RK for about $ 1,00 under MSRP, then the dealer waived ship and freight, and gave me a $750. gift card towards parts or clothes...

    I got my RK, in Aug so they were making room for the 2011, which i am sure if they are new in the door, it will be harder to get a deal. Come june of 2011 it will be a different story
  4. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    The bottom line is negotiate the best deal for you. When talking to others who say they got a great deal you never get all the information that equates to their deal so its tough to use that information as a decision maker. I always try to go retail for retail, MSRP for new and retail on trade in when it comes down to pricing the deal and then if any add ons are included thats a bonus. To me that makes it a great deal.
  5. franka

    franka Active Member

    Most dealers will not go below MSRP but will counter with retail on trade in if applicable or dealer gift card.
  6. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    Also, the deal changes drastically if you plan to trade. Best option is to sell old bike 1st, if you can wait. Bet there are awesome deals on 2010's right now...
  7. Bait

    Bait Active Member

    I paid a deposit on my 2011 RK about six-weeks before it arrived and got it for under MSRP out the door, the dealer waived all frieght and prep charges, and paid for the SERT.
  8. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    When I bought my 07 I told the Dealer to call me when they could work the deal I wanted, They called @ 5 to come and get my new bike LOL:s
  9. Hoople

    Hoople Account Removed

    Your right about that.

    One guy gave me an "Out the Door" price and I said OK. Time comes to pay and he says I owe him $900 in sales tax. I said "out the Door" means sales tax is included in price.
    He said NO!, I sad YES! "Out the Door" means "Out the Door" not "Out the Door plus Tax".

    Who's right... (if there is a right):)
  10. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    To me out the door means everything, but we all know how these sales guys are:p