Calling all Sportster riders! Am I to tall for this great bike?!

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by harleydude, Feb 15, 2009.

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    I am 6' - 166 pounds, is the HD Sportster 883 Iron going to be to small for me? I hear a lot of mixed comments. Any suggestions. I've sat on the bike and it feels nice. But will I look strange sitting on the bike.

    I must say I REALLY like the look of the bike. What kind up customization is available and needed to a rider my height, to look and feel comfortable.

    SPORTY LADY Active Member

    it's not what others think its what you like and how it feels to you. test ride one then that might help you decide. i'm only 5'2" and 130 so i couldn't help with any with how it will fit you. i have an 05 883L and have found plenty of acessories to spend my money on both old and new. however with it being the iron you probably won't find many used ones since it is the new one out. good luck and go with what you want as long as the bike doesn't bottom out when you are riding.
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    I'm 6'2" 185lbs and I found a Sportster to be too small. I have to agree with Sporty Lady, you need to find what feels best to you. The only thing I can say is a must for someone in the 6' or taller is forward controls.

    If it helps your decision, Harley has a trade-up program so you can buy yourself a Sporty. Then after a year (I think?) you can trade it up for a larger model and get full sticker price for your trade in. Good luck!!
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    I agree with the statement that if it feels right for you, don't worry about others thoughts. And the forward controls are great, I never had a bike before my 883 custom that had them, but now can't imagine riding with mid controls. IF YOU LIKE IT AND IT FEELS RIGHT BUY IT.

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    Harleydude, the 883 Sporty MAY be a little small for you, but then I am 5'6" 135 lbs and ride a Sporty 1200 find the weight of 600 lbs"substantial" even if the seat height is low. A 1000cc motorcycle is not a small motorcycle. If you are new to the motorcycling community ride solo and equipped with foward controls, it will suit you fine. Be careful, the showroom is pretty deceiving, the floor is flat, the emotions are high and the bike is stationary so most any bike will feel quite easy to roll off the stand and paddle walk, but at 600-900 lbs, parking lot maneuvers make most bikes cumbersome and not how they are used 99.9% of the time. If you have your license (you have completed an MSF riding course hopefully) and some motorcycle offroad or street riding experience or some on a Harley; participate in one of the HD Test Ride days and try different ones.

    I might get a lot of flack here, but if you are new to motorcycling, buy a used Harley, one that's 3 or 4 years old, roost on it for a year and see if you really have found the bike that you can live on, or if not: you are not out a lot of dough, but have seat time and comfort in the knowledge that HD motorcycles hold their basic value well. With experience under your belt, having met and talked with your friends along with this Harley community you can set your priorities for new iron you wish to buy on your terms.

    Do you have a two-up partner you want to share the experience with, do you need long term comfort or storage (bagger) or does it want you to expand the performance envelope (XR Sporty, V-Rod or Buell), do you like the low rider look or traditional classic look of (Road Glide, Heritage or Fat Boy), or all minimalist city street looks (Sporty, Nightster or Bob). These are just examples of how your riding style once established actually determine your riding preference...your height is a minor issue as an 800cc or larger displacment motorcycle is really not neccessarily "entry" level gear by most any stretch.
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    6' 2" 275 and i have a sporty among other things that i ride. just depends on what you are using it for..
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    I really appreciate the feed back I am receiving. Things can often be deceiving when in the showroom. Either way I agree that I should and will take it for a test drive around the parking lot and see how I feel on it.

    I love Dyna Street Bob as well but unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch out that extra few grand.

    Also considering I am new driver (just recently obtaining my license) perhaps looking into a used bike is the best idea after all.

    Aside from the Sportster what other HD's would be considered a welcoming entry level bike for a person 6' +
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    if your not in a huge hurry,check for the test drive days at a dealer close to you.Ride a few different models and see for yourself.I personaly haven't found a model that is top heavy and hard to ride
  9. harleydude

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    Recommend Entry Level/Beginner Harley's for 6' + people

    Hey I just recently obtained my motorcycle license and have been dreaming of a Harley since I started this whole journey. I am aware that it is recommended to buy a used bike for your first one. However am not sure which model would be most appropriate for a 6 foot tall, 168 pound, 21 year old novice.

    I recently saw an ad in classified for a 2003 FXSTi Softail Strandard for example, and for a good price.

    Any suggestions anyone?

    Thanks a lot!
  10. glider

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    I would look into a super glide for someone as tall as you. It gives you a full size frame and shouldn't be a problem as far as weight for you either.