Bugs on the windshield ,what do you use ?

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    A good friend and his wife and myself went on a little cruise along the St. Croix river valley yesterday afternoon . Nice day ,and the scenery made for a really decent ride. But our windshields were obliterated by bugs,to the point where you were hampered especially when turned into the setting sun. Just wondering what ya'll use while out on a putt. Generally I just use water on paper towels and let it soak ,but this can be a slow process out on the road, and I'm looking for ideas that wont damage the lucite.
  2. PaPa T

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    Was in dealer the otherday and seen a product called bug slide. Picked up a small spray bottle of it and seems to work great. Has any body else tried this?
  3. Troy1225

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    I always carry a WET washcloth in a ziplock baggie and a clean t-shirt.

    At every stop, the wife cleans the bugs off the windshield :)
  4. rick1062

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    I have used Harley Gloss for several years. I keep a big bottle in the garage and use it to refill a small bottle that goes the rear pouch of the saddle bag. I also use a microfiber cloth, or a good old tee shirt. Paper towels are not good, at least not for regular use as they are a wood product, and any wood product can cause some scratching. Of course, sometimes your are caught out on the road and have to use what ever you can find.
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    Water and a t shirt plus lots of patience and persistance usually does the trick.

    This is also why the majority of riders agree that a proper windshield height allows you to just look over the top of the shield vs. through it. As you pointed out, it's a very unsafe and unsettling situation to get your windshield obscured with bugs, dirt, rain, or whatever and not be able to have a clear view of where you're going. Low sun angle really makes it worse.
  6. Timman

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    I keep paper towel, as far away from my bike as possible, it will scratch the paint on the tank if you happen to use it if you over flowed the gas tank, and it will leave hazy scratches on your windshield. A wet cloth for lifting the bug guts and a dry tee shirt to wipe dry the residue is a good thing to have on the road for cleaning the windshield.
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    Use a Bounce dryer sheet....no joke. When wet it releases a chemical that will melt the bugs right off the windshield. Wipe the gunk off with a damp sponge or cloth and use Glider's favorite, Pledge, with a microfiber cloth. Your windshield will shine like new and the bugs don't stick as easy.
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    I carry a can of pledge and a micro cloth and try to keep it clean during the ride when stopped for gas...whatever.
  9. Iceman24

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    Wizards M/C Clean & Shine w/a microfiber cloth. Like others - I have small bottle in the saddlebag to use when they get thick while riding. Cheers!

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    Pledge and microfiber towel on windshield and fairing...:D