Broke down in Ohio. Starter trouble.

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Harleydparts, Apr 16, 2016.

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    Hello all, need some help with start circuit problem. We are broke down in Buckeye Lake, Oh. The broke bike is a 2010 Street Glide trike. The problem started yesterday, turn the off/run switch to the run position and the starter engages and will not disengage. I had this problem last year with my bike and the fix was a new set of rocker switches. We were in Wv for a funeral and I did not have time to install a new set on her bike as we had to get back to work, I did get a set for it to install when we got home and had the time. No problem, I put the starter relay in, start the bike and pull the relay. We got 150 miles and the starter would not engage, just a click at the starter relay, nothing more. I figured the off/ run switch had done whatever and wouldn't let the starter solenoid kick in, I cut the wires from the switches and connected the new switches, I figured a running bike with a ball of wire wire tied to the handlebars was better than a non running bike. Didn't work, now I am at a loss. I do have a service manual with me but without being home to sit down with the manual and a multi meter and figure it out I'm out of luck. An iron head sportster or a shovelhead I could deal with, I don't have any experience with ecm's and God knows how many relays. Thanks for any help.
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    If the starter relay clicks when the start button is pushed, then the first part of the system is correct. Maybe I am misunderstanding. If the starter turns when the run stop is turned on, then its definitely the start button or its circuit is made. If you jump from the hot side of batt. to solenoid where the green wire plugs in, the starter should turn. MAKE SURE THE BIKE IS IN NEUTRAL...
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    Have you checked the maxi fuse. If you did not disconnect battery before cutting into harness you may have blown fuse. Your profile shows your ride as a 2013 flhtcu.
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    Thanks. Dbmg-the 2010 trike is my wife's bike. Boodeen - I probably didn't explain well. At first with the ignition switch on when the off/run switch was moved to the run position the starter engaged without the start switch being touched. I would start the bike and pull the starter relay to shut the starter off. We made a stop and at that point it would not restart using that same method. All I get now is a click at the starter relay. I'll try jumping the green wire. Thanks.
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    It sounds like your solenoid may be sticking, if the relay checks out OK I would rebuild the solenoid
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    Without some volt meter readings it's hard to say what the issue is. Since you can hear the relay make up you have power through the switch to the relay but is it enough power to spin up the starter? Your battery could be low or maybe the connections aren't clean and tight. Sometime rapping the starter will unstick a solenoid, but since we don't know if the battery is fully charged it's real hard to determine what's wrong.
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    Thanks all, turned out to be the solenoid. I'm diffently going to get a electrical shop manual and carry a multi meter. $570 for a starter at a Harley shop. And charged $45 to pick the bike up. Gotta love it.
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    Ouch, glad you're back in the saddle.
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    Well hopefully with all the years of maintaining and repair your own bikes, those this is a large amount of coin hopefully you are way ahead of the game.
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    I've carried a tiny digital multimeter on my bike(s) for nearly 15 years. Mine is about the size of a business card. but thicker and came from Radio Shack. There are lots of other brands avail., about $20.
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