Brakes, anti lock or not?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by futurerider, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. futurerider

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    Since I am investigating the purchase of my first bike, I have come to the next crossroad - brakes. Should I get anti lock or not?

    A good friend, that has riden Harleys for ever says make sure to get them.

    Others say you will not get the real feel of riding.

    I have narrowed the bike down to either RK or EGC. I expect to be a slow rider, not in any hurry, taking in life and expexting to live more of it.

    Since this will be my first bike and have never riden before will I really miss anything for the "better" braking that anti lock claims.

    Should this be a deal breaker if the dealership has what I want on the floor?

    Thanks again.
  2. chrishdguy

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    In my opinion, go with the ABS brakes. I know some people don't like them and I know some people don't want to pay $795 for them. I have had them save me from going under a semi trailor before though, so I am a strong believer in them.
  3. jimharvey1

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    Your first bike...never having ridden before...and you're hopping on a new Road King or a Classic??? It's been done before, I'm sure but it can sure be a lot less expensive learning on something a little lighter and less forgiving to the wallet should you have a learner's mishap. I hope you are at least taking the MSF Basic Riders or Harley's Rider's Edge course. Good luck!

    ...and in response to your question... go for the ABS. If they don't have a bike that you like in stock with ABS however, I wouldn't special order one with it if I could get everything else I wanted for a good price.
  4. glider

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    Personally I prefer a non ABS bike. The stopping distances are a bit shorter without ABS and it could be the difference between stopping or hitting in a close call.

    Do a search on the forum to find other threads with the same content about ABS or not.
  5. Bud White

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    Go with the ABS I never rode* before i bought my RKC either

    I dont count dirt bike around the yard 20 years ago as riding
  6. glider

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  7. dangerdan

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    If I were riding in a State or Province that get lots of rain and I was worried about locking up my tires in a panic stop, I would get the ABS.
  8. STEVE07

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    I got knocked down in the other ABS thread for this,but I don't like them,I feel they increase total overall stopping distance and the inexperienced rely on them far too much,When I get a car or truck with ABS I find the power source ,cut it and wire a toggle switch into the system to disable it at will
  9. buddybr

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    I would definitely get the ABS brakes. I have them on mine and while I haven't had to use them, they're there.

    Watch the video on the link the Glider provided and you'll be convinced. Believe me, you'll spend much more than the cost of ABS for things to "make it your own," most of which will do nothing to enhance your safety.

  10. TXMikey

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    I got the ABS, and recommend it. You don't notice it until you get in a tight situation, and it can make a difference between stopping and having the bike slide out from under you in a panic stop. I know they saved me in a close call on the highway once. Just be sure and get out in a big parking lot and practice quick stops so you know what it feels like when the ABS kicks in.