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Billy Lane Charged in Fatal Wreck


Billy Lane, owner of Choppers, Inc. and winner of several Biker Build Offs on the Discover Channel, has been charged with DUI Manslaughter, driving with a suspended license, and driving under the influence with serious bodily injuries in connection with a fatal accident on September 4th.

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Trying to pass 2 cars on a double yellow solid line,is he in jail yet?I would definately hate to be him.You would think he had better sense than all that.I sure feel for all the families involved.
You would think that he would have better sense but it is funny how alchol changes things. I hope that he does go to jail for what he did, but I do think that it was just a huge mistake and that he should not have to be in jail for too awful long.
You must be crazy to think that he should not go to jail for a long time. He was drinking made a bad judgement call and took an innocent person's life. I would love to know how you think the way that you do? Is his life worth more just because he is a celebrity?
The man deserves to be behind bars for an indefinite amount of time. With every action comes a consequence and one must be willing to accept the consequences for their action. Who you are shouldn't matter one bit. Anyone who feels differently would feel the same if it was their family member that died due to someone else's irresponsibility.
I really hope that they throw the proverbial book at him. people in the limelight need to start being treated like the rest of us grunts! I mean, seriously, wouldn't many of us be sitting somewhere wondering how old we will be when we get out if we had done this same thing. What a stupid, stupid waste!!
It’s sad isn't it. These people have everything going for them and then one big mistake and it is gone in an instant. These types of mistakes shouldn’t be made I am well aware that when I am intoxicated I should not and will not drive.
Makes me sick to see these bigshots get away with crap like this. And to do it in the first place is really stupid.Why they can't hire driver?
Big Biker, big fan of the build-off or anything on the idiot box that bangs metal into something cool. Sitting here on vaca about 40 miles south of melbourne. We took the kids to Andretti thrill park today.
Last night I was mapquesting the route and said to my wife we can pass by Billy Lanes place. I go on line and see all this stuff about the accident. I have to say honestly I am not shocked, I enjoy a drink just like the rest of us, but this banana couldn't shoot a television show without having a drink, everytime he was on. Now I love to ride I live up North and I ride all damn year, we had 100 guys on an overnight rally in 10 degrees, I ride I'm no weekender!

But as a biker I respect ALL OTHER BIKES! Scooter japanese or whatever, and this idiot respects nothing! He should get manslaughter and lose it all! I work my but off everyday and when I do something wrong I understand and expect to pay the consequences. It is our personal choice to do something stupid. He did something stupid and is stupid. He had it all a succesful parts business, custom shop, Television, sponsers and a Beach House. Not to mention the 22 year old tail he was with when he crashed who by the way that poor thing has been mentioned almost less than the victim in this case who is not Billy Lane.

No respect! Put the loser in jail for life! For life! If it was any regular joe who got dumb we would have all been locked up. But everyone WE have to do something about it. Because in todays society where celebrities get away with crap all day (paris the whore Hilton). We need to teach our children that they are bad and or wrong. SO I started my part, my kids wanted to see Bullys shop today and we didn't go. I wanted a shirt and needed several things for one of my bikes but %#$@% him. He loses and I will not give him a dime of my money and any biker who respects anything especially other bikers should ban together and boycott this loser, he deserves life in jail and that is that.