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  1. TomH65

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    I have today been informed that the cost of the repairs to my bike after the accident will be £2400 plus around £600 labour - Ouch!!
    I paid £5000 for the sportster, a good deal at the time due to the higher than usual mileage of 26000.
    I am now concerned that the insurance company may write it off :(.
    To replace the same model with only one previous owner would cost around £6500, according to UK prices on ebay and autotrader.
    At the moment I'm thinking the worst. As the accident was entirely the car driver's fault, could I insist that the repairs are done?

    As far as I see it, it is MY bike and I want it back in the same condition as it was before the collision.
    What can I do? Any suggestions?

  2. Jeff Klarich

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    I've found that if the cost to repair reaches 75% of the vehicle's value the insurance company's will more than likely total it. Your at the mercy of the insurance company's when it comes to the value of your bike, in most cases your lucky if you get book value. That's why insurance co. are the riches company's in the world, they never pay you what you expect even if the accident isn't your fault.
  3. fin_676

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    THe insurance company makes its own mind up on the best deal for it so they may decide to write the bike off as the salvage on your bike may be worth a lot of money just stand your ground and fight with them if they offer a write off tell them you want them to find a replacement unless they are willing to pay you £ (insert a number) per hour for your time to sort out the mess remember your time is worth money and you need to remind them of that

  4. TomH65

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    Thanks guys.
    I fully understand and agree with what Jeff said about why they are the richest companys around, and what Brian says about them doing what's best for them.
    The mechanic said that if the cost comes to between 33% and 66% they might repair it.
    I wrote to the lawyers handling the case saying just what you said, but I will also mention the time factor and see what they come up with. I will try that Brian and see what they come up with.

    Nothing has been confirmed as yet about writing it off, but I will know in the next week or so.
    I was told that they might offer cash and a 'buy back' value. If that happens, I can have it repaired but then it will be registered as written off, therefore devaluing it when it comes to trading it in in the future.
    I will post again for ideas when I find out for sure.

  5. dbmg

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    More time than not when I worked at a Harley dealer bikes were totaled. After remove cosmetic damage usually found frame distortion. The tourers were automatically totaled when the ear on frame for spill bar was bent. Keep in mind that in most cases insurance will total bike for it is cheaper and easier for them, and they do not suffer any long term liability repairing crash bike. Unless you have replacement coverage on your bike insurance, you can only hope to negotiate close to retail value and not book value to help off set replacement cost if bike is totaled. Other wise your legal counsel will recommend if suing other driver is a possible option.
  6. Rubyred

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    In the "settlement" you know you are not going to get what you think it is worth as others have said. Argue at first but then tell them to throw the damaged bike in with the money and enjoy your rebuild!:s
  7. keith217

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    Well, it could be a better idea to just total out your high milage bike. You can then negotiate a higher price/settlement for it and just rebuy another better one.
  8. Jack Klarich

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    I have NO idea how insurance works across the pond, I hope they are not writing this off as a total so you lose on the deal, Best of Luck to you
  9. TomH65

    TomH65 Active Member

    Thanks Jack! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It took me about 8 different bike viewings over 6 months to find this bike that I regarded as 'right for me', and I will put on the proverbial boxing gloves and fight for it to be repaired and returned.
    The usually (so I have recently learned) take their valuation, then measure it against the repair + labour cost. If it is less than 50% then they will fix it. if it is over 66%, it is a definite write off.
    My sportster is very precious to me, almost as much as my missus (and best friend) and my beloved cat.

    I called the driver's insurance company and they told me that no decision had been made yet because the case had entered 'liability investigation'.
    I told them that she hit me side-on, so why does it need investigating? She admitted fault to the police at the accident scene.
    Anyway, I will post the outcome when I hear any more news. I am missing the best riding weather we have had in England in the last 4 years.

  10. TomH65

    TomH65 Active Member

    The good news is that the insurance company's technical department have put a current value of £5000 on my bike and said that they will recommend repair rather than write-off (there IS a god).
    I just hope that the mechanic can get on with repairs soon (6 weeks off my bike has been painful, more so than my injuries) and get it back to me.
    Probably the longest wait for parts will be for the front fender that (he says) will have to be ordered from Milwaukee with the correct paint colour.