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    Hi all
    ive only just join this group,so hello world.

    what i would like to find out about is the 883 model, please bear in mind that im not a harley owner yet so have very little knoledge of them.
    i have been on a sporters 1000 many years ago.
    its the 883 that im thinking of buying and i just want to find out as much as i can about this model before i start looking at shops to buy one from.
    first off is there any good reasons why i shouldnt buy an 883.
    im going to be using it as my main transportto and from work and short trips where i dont need the use of my car (trying to save on the fuel bill.)

    what short of mpg can i expect?
    does it do less mpg's if fitted with a moddified exhaust ?
    what this belt drive system like?
    would i be better off with a chain drive?
    as its only an 883 is it a bit gutless on the open road?

    and really just about any other info anyone can chuck at me.

    thanks for taking the time to read this, and i hope all my silly questions have anoyed anyone.
    thanks again

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    I believe the answer lies with you . It's a fine motorcycle . I believe you should take one for a ride, and also try out a larger motorcycle or a few of them first. Find a demo day and ride several models. You'll know the one that suits you with the riding you intend to do now. That said, consider the type riding you may do in the very near future...one up..two up, will you want some storage,longer trips?etc..will what fits you today, be a good match foryou a year from now . I really like the belt drive..quiet and reliable . One up even two up,the 883 is ok. Your size makes a difference too. I would sit on and drive as many different models you can before pulling the trigger on any one of them
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    This was the best answer your going to get..
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    Easy answer first. Belt drive is great. It's clean and easy to check and maintain.

    As for an 883 functionality, that really depends on you. It is better suited for around town and two lane touring and you might feel a bit exposed and tired if traveling at interstate speeds. It can do it when needed but, it might get old if you find yourself doing it more than you anticipated. The suspension is ok but, many do find a need to upgrade this area. It's probably one of the more agile offerings from HD with pretty quick steering response, shorter wheel base and lighter weight if comparing to other models/styles.

    Mileage is ok and depending on the model as well, The Superlo has a 4.5 gallon fuel tank. The Iron runs a 3.3 gallon fuel tank. So, your range might be limited to 100 miles or so on the Iron and a bit more on the Superlo. This might seem short but, it's only not bad to take a minute to stretch your legs and fuel up.

    The great thing about Sportsters is, there is plenty of ways to modify and make the bike fit you.

    The softtail line and the Dyna line are great models you should also consider as they may suit your needs a little better if looking for something more of an all rounded machine. You get better touring abilities at the expense of the nimbillness of running around town.

    It really does come down to preference as many will swear by Sportsters as a great all rounder while others won't even swing a leg over one.

    I have to have a 1200 Custom and really enjoy it. It's served me very well and don't think I'd ever get rid of it. But, there are times I'd like to try something else. But, I think that is just because there are so many great machines out there and so little time.

    Good luck with your search and let us know what you end of doing.


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    The 883 is by no means a slouch.
    Plenty of power. The 883 was HD's flat-track bike and did well racing. Then the public took over.
    I have a 06 sport R 1200 with good sounding exhaust (python 3's). Arlen-ness big sucker intake(mainly for the air flow and good washable filter). Jetted the carb accordingly (not lean) getting a 49/50 MPG using premium gas (always).

    It is an EXCELLENT bike for short rides (SHORT to 160 great,,, 200/400 miles are LONG rides :nosad).

    I bought mine as a BONUS for retirement 6 years ago. Put on 34,000 miles and believe me I FELT it.

    Having a 00FXDS (dyna- Smooth and comfortable) and wanting to keep the mileage down on it, the sport bike was Great.

    The 883 does command a Special place in HD's line-up but Not at the bottom of their list.:D

    Usually it is (by me) considered a Younger person's bike. ONLY because of the Less comfort of the ride (stiffer). Softer after-market seats and different shocks CAN help any age rider...

    I only have 38,000+ on that bike today and would Not Part with it... Used to ride it from one state to another (34,000 put on in 2.5 years)... Tough on me as I kept it Stock for IT's looks, not caring about a softer ride:34:.

    An 883 can be ridden for many dependable miles. IF and when you want MORE power later from it, making it into a 1200CC is simple and not too expensive, then you have a Fresh Build. (less $$ then buying a 1200 off the start IMO)

    The other stuff has been covered good here and I added MY experience as a BONUS. Hope it helped.:D

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    My sportster is an 883 although it has been adjusted from stock a wee bit and is my ride of choice if i am going into the highlands or any of the back roads around here
    I have taken it from northern Scotland to Germany and back on a few occasions without issue as it has a larger tank fitted i have a range of 160 miles
    A change of seat helped with long range comfort as did fitting highway pegs so that i can stretch out a wee bit on the motorways although i do prefer to ride on twisty roads where my moving from side to side for the next bend helps prevent any real discomfort
    For long distance now i use my softail but the sportster gets used for shorter journeys

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    hi lads
    thanks for your replys. and i under stand about the try before you buy ( i would).
    i really just want your opinions on the 883, after all your the ones riding them.

    it sounds as if the fuel consumption aint to good 40 to 45 mpg.

    would you all agree on this.

    not really interested in buying a 1200 hundred as fuel will obviously be worse. and the whole point of the smaller model was to use less fuel.

    i realise i could just buy a 500 single for work and do one miles to the gallon.
    but i sort of want a harley. so need info from the people who ride them.
    thanks for taking the time to read these post and offering your views.

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    Just because an engine is a bit smaller does not mean that it will use less fuel doing the same journey at the same speed as smaller engine has to work harder
    so my 883 and my 1340 big twins use about the same amount of fuel for the same journey although the Dyna always seems to use a wee bit more than the softail and sportster and all 3 bikes have been out together

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    883 is a good machine, you can always pump it up to 1200, and use your stock heads, belt drive is a big plus. Te only draw back I see on the new Sporster is no trap door. This makes splitting the cases to do tranny work. I would suggest doing test rides @ your local dealer to see what model suits your needs, or you could rent one for a day or two and really get to know the bike, Good Luck:s
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    I'm just now getting my 2000 Hugger 883 back on the road and riding since acquiring it and returning it to stock from a poor bobber attempt. It's a joy to ride, plenty of power, rides great and sounds good...after all, it's a real Harley! If I want a long trip I'll take the Fatboy which I've pretty much made into a mini-bagger, but for short, fun-filled putts I can already tell the Sporty is going to see lots of riding time. I'm very happy with it based on limited road time.