4 dead in head on crash in iowa

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    4 bikers on their way home from sturgis on i29 south were killed yesterday when a pickup crossed over into their lane and hit them head on killing all 4 riders . There is construction on i29 which goes from 4 lanes 2 in each direction down to 2 lanes 1 in each direction so beware . People reported the driver of the pickup was driving irratic so they think he may have been dui , it's being investigated . All these interstate where construction is extremley dangerous where 4 lanes turn into 2 in each direction , there are a lot of rear end collisions 2 of which i wittnessed myself with in a 1 mile stretch . Me i personally would drive around if possible even if it was 20 miles out of my way . So anyone taking i29 home from sturgis be very careful .
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    Tragic, but thanks for putting the word out about that stretch of road.
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    GOD..BLESS.. may you all be in arms of the lord.. And may the faith of the family's carry them in this time of tragedy
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    Very sad to hear. Thanks for the heads up on the road. Hopefully it will help those traveling.
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    That is sad and its a real shame that DUI laws are not enforced strong enough because of over crowding, but isnt a life worth more?
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    This is truly sad and unfortunate. I send prayers out to the families of those lost to this. Sadly, there seems to be more am=nd more accidents happening this year. To all I say try to be more aware of situations around you when you are riding and give yourself a little more space, especially in high traffic and construction areas.
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    This tragedy has had me pretty upset all week... I didn't know the guys personally, but it feels like I lost some family members. It happened just an hour or so south of where I live in SD. My wife was on her way back from Omaha and got caught in the traffic mess and called me right away when she realized bikers were involved. We've got a steady stream of bikes going to/from Sturgis on I-29 last week and this week.

    Here is one of the latest news stories:
    Lawyer expects charges in I-29 crash - Omaha.com

    The American Legion chapter these guys were members of is planning a benefit event this weekend, and also a memorial ride on the 28th... I can post more details if anyone is interested.


    Also... pretty messy construction site on I-29 right at the SD border at North Sioux City. I go through that one every day, the road is uneven, the lanes are narrow, and two lanes go to one with little warning. We've had two crashes there (involved cages only, thank God) the past two days. In my experience living in a couple midwest/western states, Iowa has some pretty poorly marked and narrow construction zones.
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    Definitely sad deal for all involved...lost fathers, friends, loved ones & the 21-yr-old who hit them will live w/this forever in his mind. Guess he was a HS & college honor student, all-around good kid so a person has to wonder why he'd throw it all away in such a wreckless manner??? God bless the families!!!
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    Very sorry to hear of their deaths. I hope justice is served.
    We have a bad hwy here in rural Maryland where we live. It's called route 15 and runs North and South.The Maryland portion of 15 has mostly all at grade intersections which are extremely dangerous on a four lane highway. Even when there isn't any construction on it. Ride safe everyone. We will keep those bikers families and friends in our prayers.