2007 Sporty 1200L "misfire"/"cutting out" when hot and hit bumps.

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    Hey guys,
    So I'm new here and new to Harley's. I bought this 07 Sporty 1200L about 2mths ago from the stealer. Rode it stock for a few weeks and didn't notice any issues except for the fact that I was bogging it down in slow speed situations due to low rpm or being a gear too high. This was obviously while I was getting aquatinted with the bike. I also noted that the throttle seemed really sensitive, so I was little "lungy" with her at first. That said, those two problems have corrected themselves, as I have remembered how to ride a little bigger bike at slow speeds lol.
    Now for the current issues. I have installed some "drag slip ons" with standard steel baffles and A V&H FP3. I consulted V&H about a map, they directed me to one. All was well. WAS. Now the bike has that "miss" "lunge" "cut-out" every few seconds once the bike is hot. It happens all the way through the power band and gear box, either in city or freeway. Throttle amount doesn't matter either. On the last couple short rides that I've taken trying to diagnose the issue, I've noted that it happens every single time I hit bumps in the pavement. I live right outside Detroit. Our roads are AWFUL, but I feel it's not the road conditions causing this but more of the road exposing a symptom on the bike.
    So far I have tried the stock map (no change), checked for codes (none), changed the plugs, checked all connections, changed the fuel, ran sea foam through it with new fuel, checked intake for leaks, cleaned intake components (not just the filter), checked battery connections as well as all grounds and checked fuses / relays. I'm at a loss, guys. I have a big sucker on the way, not that I can enjoy it with this (EDIT) happening. I also intend on replacing fuel filter, inspecting tank hoses and cleaning the pump in the near future. I've searched every forum out there and see quite a few with similar issues on similar models but I cannot nail down a fix. Any help will be greatly appreciated and thanks for having me here!
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    Try the wiggle test on the injector wires, they have been known to break or make poor contact.
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    Welcome from So. Texas.