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    new guy clueless as to how this work

    New guy springfield missouri. Need all help i can get i have an 07 electra glide classic. Its the true love of my life and she keeps me satisfied... till 3 days ago. Well im stickler for maintainence and change oil and filter and air cleaner ahead of scheduel every time and spare no expense...
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    2007 Sporty 1200L "misfire"/"cutting out" when hot and hit bumps.

    Hey guys, So I'm new here and new to Harley's. I bought this 07 Sporty 1200L about 2mths ago from the stealer. Rode it stock for a few weeks and didn't notice any issues except for the fact that I was bogging it down in slow speed situations due to low rpm or being a gear too high. This was...