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  1. xlMike68

    New Member

    My name is Mike Shay. My ride is a 1999 xl 883 converted to a 1200. I've had the bike for about 3 years now. I have done many cosmetic changes to it. I have also done some upgrades in performance too. It is freshly converted to a single fire today as a matter of fact, with a self fabricated side...
  2. M

    Coil & ignition relocation

    So here's my situation, I want to do a coil and ignition relocation on my 2017 iron but given that it's personal preference I don't want to do a tank lift or have the big air gap between the tank and the motor. I just don't like the way it looks. Any suggestions?
  3. B

    2007 Sporty 1200L "misfire"/"cutting out" when hot and hit bumps.

    Hey guys, So I'm new here and new to Harley's. I bought this 07 Sporty 1200L about 2mths ago from the stealer. Rode it stock for a few weeks and didn't notice any issues except for the fact that I was bogging it down in slow speed situations due to low rpm or being a gear too high. This was...
  4. S

    Shock Questions

    I have an 03 Sporty Hugger Anniversary. My fiance will be riding with me once I get the shocks taken care of, right now it has stock shocks and rides a little stiff, looking for something with a little more comfort when riding on short - medium trips. I am looking at getting 12 inch shocks...
  5. P

    Phil, Bedford, England

    Hi all, Bought a 94 Sportster 1200 XLH a couple of years ago for a few 'pleasure rides' / to be able to preserve something I'd always admired. Was hoping maybe some of you peeps over the pond might be able to help this old limey from blighty with advice now and again if I get stuck. Catch you...