2007 CVO Road King--should I get it?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by kpwww, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Hello to all, and thank you in advance for any advice you can give me...
    I am considering (heavily and excitedly) purchasing a 2007 CVO Road King, but have some worries...I don't know anyone who has owned one, or of any "issues" this bike might have.
    I have three that I am considering, all with about 13K miles.
    Can anyone tell me reasons NOT to get this bike? I love the look of it, the feel of the ride...
    Two concerns for me are:
    I have heard of overheating issues...
    Seat height...I have "heard" that the RK CVO has a lower height than the standard, and I would like as low as I can get (I've been blessed with short legs haha). I have heard that lowering this bike can be tricky, if not impossible.
    Thank you for any help you can give me!
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    The 07RK is a good bike. They have some problems but then again so do all other Harleys.

    I found the neutral switch to be a problem, replaced 3 of them. The 6 speed trans is new but so far not a lot of problems with them. Check if your future bike has the IDS system installed on the rear wheel, it makes a HUGE difference in drivability and comfort. The cost is a bit over $300 plus labor to put it on if it isn't there and can be used for negotiating price too. The 08 bikes came with it from the factory but the 07 didn't. Harley sometimes learns from their mistakes.

    Other than that the bike is great and very comfortable to ride. Try to get any upgrade info on any of them and any service records if you can.

    IDS Drive System - Archive - Harley Davidson Community
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    I like my '07 Ultra.
    I have a real cable for the throttle, not TBW.
    I'm running mine for years to come and when it needs engine work, I'll send it to the factory.

    Heat issue, I've never been bothered.
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    What would be a decent price? I am looking at 17,500 for one with 13K miles...I will see it tomorrow...

    That's good to know about the heat issue. How many miles do you have on it?
    I know about the throttle; I rented one in Hawaii and I didn't mind the throttle cable...

    Thanks for the info! I will be looking at all those site. And is there a better "fix" for the neutral switch yet? What causes this?
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    Check to see if the torque smoothing upgrade has been done other than that I would say buy it:s
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    Here is the 21 2007 Road Kings on e-bay. Just as a comparison.

    2007 road king | eBay

    Offer 16,000 and see where they go. Might get it for 17,000 which is fair. Look it up in Kelley blue book.
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  8. kpwww

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    Isn't it worth the extra $$ for the CVO?

    How can I find out if the "torque smoothing upgrade" has been completed?
    Was that a warranty thing?

    Thanks so much!!
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    Yes it is you can have the dealer run the vin or you can go to HD website and put in the VIN. My 07 Streetbob slipped thru the cracks but I got it done free:s
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    Awesome, thanks! I will do just that...I can't wait to see this thing tomorrow. Question: How tall are you CVO Road King riders? I'm 5'8 1/2" (yeah the 1/2 counts! LOL) I worry about it being too tall...