2006 Dyna inner primary bearing problem?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Ozoneman, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Ozoneman

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    I just bought a used 2006 Dyna Street Bob. After going through some papers that I got with the bike I found this statement:

    "An inner primary bearing replacement is required at 15,000 mile intervals."

    It goes on to say, "Harley-Davidson has preliminarily determined the inner primary bearing on your 2006 Dyna motorcycle will require replacement at 15,000 mile intervals. The bearing will be replaced by your authorized Harley-Davidson dealer at 15,000 miles and at subsequent 15,000 mile intervals, at no cost to you. This service requirement may change over time as we make improvements and monitor repair trends on 2006 Dyna motorcycles."

    Does anyone know about this? Is this still a problem?
  2. glider

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    They discontinued that after they switched to a quality bearing. Buyers had to sign a form that they would bring the bike back and have the dealer change the bearing when they bought it. It was brought about by the use of the 6 speed as test bed on the dynas that year. Have the dealer check to make sure yours was done, they can check in the computer.

    May find something here.

  3. Pixs

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    Hi Folks,

    Certain 06 Dyna models have had a much more severe problem with the inner primary bearing, but let me emphasize not all Dynas.

    My bike, an FXDI had the bearing problem and the final fix was a new transmission case, inner primary cover and all bearings inn the transmission as well as the main shaft and inner primary bearing and clutch hub bearing. The new trany case and inner primary case now has the steel locating pins and seems to be holding up just fine.

    Once again, this is not the case for all inner primary bearing failures; do not insist that this work be done, the dealer will determine if it is necessary.

    Best to all,

  4. porkchop

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    I had my bearing replaced at 12K and now have 20k and all seems well for now, whats the deal with changing the trans case?Does this mean Ill bee doing this bearing again?
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    No problem. Things happen. Took care of it.

  6. Pixs

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    Hi Porkchop,

    Looks like you missed this:
    Once again, this is not the case for all inner primary bearing failures; do not insist that this work be done, the dealer will determine if it is necessary.

    In short no. Without the ordeal of looking for my original post on another board, most IP bearing failures were cured by the replacement but a few bikes continued to have problems. Mine failed three times well under the 15K miles; the last one let go after a little over 1k miles.

    Stop worrying until you actually have a problem, then, ask nicely for help from your dealer.


    Pixs :cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers
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    Has any one had there IPB replaced and then gotten say 15 to 20K without any problems after the fix? Just wandering if the new bearing is a permanant fix or a patch job to get bikes past ther warranty.......... well you now the rest from there.

    HHHHMMMMMM any body know?:newsmile024:
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    Hello All:
    Did anyone, who had multiple failures of the IPB, NOT loosen the rear wheel to relieve tension on the drive train (when removing the Inner Primary/chaincase), as it calls for in the manual? Just wondering if this could be one cause of the case misalignment problem.
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    hey Qeh Qeh:

    First, welcome to the forum.

    The thread you've posted to was last psoted to almost a year ago.

    The IPB failure issue is much deeper than that. Harley did not use alignment dowels betweent the primary case and the tranny case on the first half of the 06 Dynas. Tis has been deemed to be the cause. Harley has already replaced a bunch of these bearings at no cost. They are now replacing the tranny and primary cases to the newer model versions (with the alignment dowels). This fix is being performed on bikes which have already had the bearing replaced once.
  10. cdn-bigfoot

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    Is the tranny and primary case fix at cost to the owner or the Moco? I don't even know if my bearing was ever done. Nothing shows up re: my bike on the HD maintenance search Glider posted.

    I was told by an independent that my drive belt is out of alignment by 1/2 inch or so. I thought this might be due to the wide tire kit (I've got a 180 that was put on before I bought the bike). Could the Primary/Chaincase misalignment be my problem?