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  1. Fatboy Roy

    09 Rider Backrest

    I need a little help here. I have a 2009 Ultra Classic and I'm wanting to add a riders backrest. On my 1995 Ultra Classic there were two bolts sticking up on rear fender that the bracket bolted to. My 09 does not have these bolts nor does it have holes to add these bolts. My question is "does...
  2. Gunjers

    New to this

    Hello I am New to this forum stuff. I have a 2015 HD Ultra Classic with the 103. I have purchased this used recently with 2,300 miles on it. I just reached 3200 miles and it sounds like the lifters are bad. This is the first Harley I have purchased and have always wanted one. Now I'm slightly...
  3. bjbuttars

    2009 Electra Glide won't turn over properly

    My, "New to me", 2009 Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic has been amazing. I bought it 3 months ago. Recently I noticed it lags when it comes to turning over when a cooled engine compared to my buddies 2004 EG Classic. It needs a full second before it fires up! compared to my friends at pretty...
  4. L

    Oil change, Electra Glide Ultra 04

    Not sure it is the right place for my 2 questions... I guess those points have been discussed tons of times but I can't find clear answers. I am planning to make the oil change for the Electra I just bought. I have a Honda Seven Fifty and I do all that kind of things by myself. Regarding the...