1. --Bonez--

    Random Popping and Then Stalling Out

    Ok, guys here I am again on the forum needing advice and help... My 07 Softail Custom has been randomly popping on decell and then stalling out at stops for the past couple of years now...! It's been a complete mystery and still is even though I finally decided to take it to my Harley guy and...
  2. M

    Sputtering when i pull in clutch and high Sputtering, stalling

    Hi, so i have 07 sportster. Live in Arizona and other night noticed it was ideling high jist sitting there. Then drove on the highway next day amd when i was coming off and downshifting i noticed that it was almost stalling when i pulled in the clutch. Had to give it gas to keep it from...
  3. D

    Fuel Delivery Problem? Stalling when throttled

    Hey Guys, Noob here. Just bought a seldom ridden garage kept 02 Sportster for a song. Only problem is it won't stay running! I can start it on full choke it stays running for a minute then stalls. Any time I throttle or turn choke off it stalls as well. It was last serviced by HD in July of...