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  1. D

    2006 (carb) Harley Davidson XL 1200 . I have no power to ignition all of a sudden .

    2006 Harley Davidson Won't start have no power to the Ignition ashamed and I tried to install a headlight and it didn't work and after that my bike would not start And I have no power to the Ignition batteries good it's good start it works don't know what the problem could be just happened...
  2. Justified Chief

    engine starts, turnoff, wait 20 min, then you can restart

    Hey Forum members, lets see if i can bother you for a minute. quick background, 2013 Ultra, stock 103, just added high flow breather, S & S 551CE camchest kit complete, new headpipes, FP3 tuner, no issues at all on tear down or reassembly. if you need specific specs on build, i will be glad to...
  3. R

    No fuel to cylinder

    I have a 2008 1200 Sportster. Spark, all fuses and relays ok, can hear the fuel pump engage but only starts when I spray starter fluid into intake. runs and quits.
  4. B

    Hello from Texas and Plz Help

    I Joined thanks to some of the best help topics. I have a 2001 Sportster 1200, that when you turn the key it won't start, all the lights work and it's in neutral, the horn doesn't work. I replaced battery, fuses, relays ect. I achieved that after finding 2 cut red wires on LH side above coil...