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  1. ThunderRogue

    EFI Fuel Pump Issues

    Couldn't get this into the EFI Section but I'm looking for support regarding my '04 Heritage's Fuel Pump. It's an intermittent squeal on initial startup only and I'm wondering if that's a sign of coming failure. And if so, what's a good replacement? Quantum Fuel Systems pops up pretty prominent...
  2. phunny

    Finally found my family

    Just found the site and yes I’m new and old, new to the site, old to the world. Currently ride a ‘04 Fatboy, my lady rides an ‘04 Sportster Roadster working on a ‘10 Street Glide, waiting to work on two custom bikes & a ‘76 Sportster that has been sitting for probably 30 years. I mentioned that...
  3. skizman

    **Miss Piggy won't run**

    Hey! After I repaired Miss Piggy after the wreck, (02 Road King).....(after you guys helped me with parts) I put about 50 miles on her. She started to run like it ran out of gas but it wasn't. I just made it up my driveway into my shop. Today it won't even start. Couple months ago I used...