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Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by TQuentin1, Dec 28, 2011.

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    OK, Folks. I got the virus/malware. Not an easy fix having to plow through the registry fixing all the contaminents. The Company's IT group won't even fiddle with it. Just back up the data, reimage the harddrive, and reinstall the data through a scrubber. Fastest fix for them. Not sure when I will be back on my computer (using Momma's right now).

    Just watch out. For the home computer user with no IT department back up, this is a real nightmare.

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    Thanks for the heads up TQ.
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    Been there TQ. Hopefully you'll get it straightened out soon.:s
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    Hey there I am in IT and deal with this on a daily basis. The best way to fix this is to remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer. I see you are in Sugar Land, stop by Frys and pick up a USB Hard Drive adapter kit, about 20 bucks.

    Before you connect it to your wifes computer install and update Malwarebytes, freeware, malwarebytes.org. If you do not have an anti-virus program use Microsoft Security Essentials, its free too. Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Anti-virus for Windows

    This method cleans about 99% of mine and saves me from doing a wipe and reinstall.

    If I can help further Send me a PM.
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    I also use malwarebytes as my primary tool for removing malware from a hard drive
    if it is xp boot to safe mode with network support but use administrator account download and install malwarebytes when it asks you to try a trial just decline the software should then update itself
    run a complete scan once complete click on show results and then click on remove selected and all the baddies will be removed you will then need to reboot into normal windows and run the quick scan in each of the user accounts on the pc
    if you use win vista or win 7 cry at the thoughtlessness of microsoft for disabling the administrator account by default and boot to safe mode with network support try to download and install malwarebytes and proceed as posted above if successful if not remove hdd from pc and find a good friend that will allow you to install malwarebytes on their operating system and fit your hdd and scan it
    once baddies removed return your hdd to your pc and install and run malwarebytes
    Be aware that a lot of malware is now coming with a root kit this places a reinstall for the malware on the boot sector of the hdd to create a clean master boot record
    boot from operating system disc
    win xp select repair computer this will start recovery console a dos screen it will ask which OS to log into and ask for login info once past that then type fixmbr and press enter it should return some info that it has completed if it says that you have a non standard mbr it usually means that you have a root kit infection and yes to replace the mbr
    for vista and 7 again boot from the OS disk and at the install now window select repair my computer and you will eventually get to a menu select dos prompt change drive letter to c: and then type bootrec /fixmbr and the same results as with xp apply

    hope this helps or just pull the hdd and send it to me and ill get it clear for you

  6. HD4ME!

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    Another option for you is to preform a system restore to a date before you got the bug. The system restore will only restore system files, no data will be lost.
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    I also got this same bug but when i was done removing it my pc wont go online. Igot rid of mine by using malware bytes. the pc is connected through an ethernet cable. Im going to try connecting my laptop to this cable to make sure it is working but im sure it is. the odds that the cable malfunctioned at the same time i got this virus are slim. just for some reason the pc is not connecting to it. when i unplug the cable the pc says internet connection lost. it is a very frustrating virus
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    Some malware will add a proxy server setting in your browser connection settings it may also add a dns to the advanced properties of the network connection usually or something around that area you may have to dig a wee bit further than normal to find the settings
    if you open up a dos window and type ping Google and press enter you may get a reply if you do then it is the browser that is compromised if you do not get a reply then the network connection is suspect

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    Some very good replies on this thread. Malware bytes are very good, years ago when I had an infection while running Mcafee AntiVirus that I could not get rid of I paid Mcafee support to come online and take over my machine. I sat there and watched some of the tools he was running. Malware bytes was one of the ones he ran to clean the machine up. But it wasn't the first, he had to run a domestic version of a root kit killer first. I forgot the name of it.

    Over many yrs (during the time the Norton [Symantec] had so many problems with system slowness, no support etc) I ran just about every protection software there was. Of the 2 most serious infections I had, one was with Macfee and the other with Bit Defender.

    But about 2 yrs ago Norton got it's act back together again and it runs as fast (or faster) as the competition. But I also run Malware and SuperAntispyware in addtion to Norton and I have not had any uncaught infections "yet" in the past 2.5 yrs. You can only run 1 firewall but you can run several malware and spyware apps. It helps since they all have their strong and weak points.

    It's a fight similar to the one that dates back to the Garden of Eden. It constantly goes on with one battle after another. But the key is like HD4ME said, you need to switch the drive to a "non bootable" scenario so the system can start from a clean drive and then run a cleaner on the infected "attached" drive.

    Sometimes you can also buy or download and burn an image onto a CD or USB that has a bootable cleaner(s) so that you just boot to it (sometimes you have to press F5 or F8 to get into the bios and choose your boot drv) and run the cleaner on the infected system drive. Most of these run (boot) from a WinPE loader.
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    After 12 years of dealing with all the windows problems, and repairing computers for others, I said enough is enough. I went out and bought an iMac. Granted Macs have some issues, but NOTHING like windows! It was fun and enjoyable for a long time, but after time, you get tired of the 'little' kids that keep wreaking havoc with windows. After 1 year of having my iMac, I have had NO trouble. I leave it on 90% of the time, and it never ceases to amaze me. Sooner or later, MAYBE the 'little' kids will figure a way to harm Apple OS.
    but no wheres near the trouble they do with windows!