Wobble in front end, could use some help

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by DailyRider, May 5, 2012.

  1. DailyRider

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    Bought this 2012 Heritage Classic back in August. Slowly it has developed a slight wobble in the front end. It seemed to be very mild starting around 40 to 45 mph. But, the other day I punched it pretty hard to get by a car going up an on ramp to get off on the next exit. i was hittin around 80 or 85 when I let off to slow down for the up coming exit and when I let off to slow down for the exit the whole front end start shaking really bad. Thought I was about to bite it but I just held her tight and braked down. Now this is a brand new bike, I certianly don't quite understand what could be causing this. Can't get it in the shop til the 26th and I am not one to stay off my bike. It seems to only to happen when I let off the gas. Can anyone help me out here?
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    check your spokes on rear wheel,look for thread on 2012 flstc spokes loose,it happened to me.be careful until repair day!

    by the way welcome to the forum!!!
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    As has been said already check the tension of the spokes also check the tyre pressure and check that the torque on the wheel pin is correct

  4. 89stroker

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    Good advice to check spokes, there have been others with your model of bike (new) that found loose spokes.
    A few more things that can induce a wobble is incorrectly set steering head bearings, also loose swingarm pivot bolts, wheel bearings starting to fail could also be a cause.
  5. TripleJ

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    My 08 Heritage would do this unless I kept the Head Bearings adjusted (http://www.hdtimeline.com/archive/t-3994.html) and greased. There is sometimes NO grease put in the Head Bearings at the factory or during dealer prep. It was that way on my 08 Heritage and my 2012 RGU.

    It may take a lot of grease to be added before you start to see some come out both the top and bottom of the bearings.

    If everything else suggested it tight like it should be try greasing the bearings and adjusting the Fall Away.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    When you do take it in to the Dealer, have them check the PDI on the bike, TOO many of these bikes get the Quickie and out the door
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    Just want to thank everyone for the help. Im headin for the garage
  8. TQuentin1

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    That new bike should NOT do that. DO NOT accept the bike back from the Dealership until it is corrected. This is a safety issue, so I would suggest that you write a letter to the Dealership identifying the problem, and stating that you believe it is a Safety issue. Suggest that you believe they would be liable if there is any sort of problem associated with it. With those type of words in writing, they will bend over backwards to fix it.

  9. GroundHawg

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    I've noticed a slight wobble on my 08 Heritage too. I've looked at adjusting the fall away but I can't get a consistent measurement. For those that have done this - do you take the cables off the handlebar? Any other tricks to getting an accurate measurement?
  10. 89stroker

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    Another thing I thought of-Both my brother in law and one of my riding buddies both had this issue on their Heritages, they each found a broken pinch bolt on the lower triple tree.