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  1. Badgerw

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    Living in Florida I am fortunate to be able to ride for the most part all year long. I was just wondering how you northern riders spend your time when you are unable to ride because of the snow and cold. When do you put your bikes away for the winter and when do you bring them back out?
  2. Bud White

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    Spend our time wanting to strangle the people who rub it they live in florida.. :) put mine up when it hits below 30 degrees and do all the stuff that takes awahile to do in the winter .. basically i break it back out when the weather makes it above 30 degrees and most of the snow is gone or roads are clear .. thats me anyways
  3. kmiller31

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    Oh man its terrible, I usually put my bike up for the winter when 2 things occur the temp is so cold where it is not even fun to ride anymore almost like your forcing yourself to ride and when the DOT starts putting salt down due to incoming snow. I kill the winter blues with totally cleaning the bike from top to bottom, I wait and buy stuff all year long and put them on my bike during the winter months and then just usual maintenance stuff during the winter. It EDit but I wouldnt trade Illinois for anything. I love to hunt and fish so I get the best of the 3 worlds here. Later

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  4. martillo

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    I live in west tenn and have had our share of ice and snow this winter,which is not normal. But we don't put our bikes away for the winter,when we get some nice days we ride,every chance we get.
  5. 09UltraClassic

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    Lots of money spent on LP to keep the garage warm... no riding until the metals nemesis is off the roads (i.e. salt/sand/ice) too dangerous and destructive.
  6. FIREDOG239

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    This is the first winter in quite a while that I haven't been able to ride at least sometime during each of the winter months. I try not to get it out if the pavement has salt on it.
    I spend a lot of my time on the internet researching new things for the bike and getting it ready for spring. :newsmile036:
  7. gasbag

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    I ride all year. Not as much in the winter but if the roads are clear and it is above 45 or so I go out. If you dress appropriately it is perfectly comfortable.
  8. cscooter93

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    I usually have one bike project on the go for the winter months. Having a floor heated shop certainly does help. Currently swapped a motor out of my Softail and doing some upgrades. And collecting parts for next winters project. Winter up here can be nasty and long.
  9. krazy3

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    Living in Illinois, I ride until it get's into the low 40's or the snow or salt starts to fly. I don't break it out, no matter what, until we get at least a couple good downpours to get rid of the salt and it's back into the mid 40's again.

    To kill time in the winter, I cut and split firewood for next winter and sit here trying to learn as much as I can. That is, between plowing the drive and shovelling the walk. :)
  10. Mattman4403

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    Here in Ohio we spend a good deal of time conjouring up spells to make it snow in Florida during the winter months (he he he)
    Seriously, I put the bike up when it gets too cold (somewhere below 40) and that seems like it is about time for the holiday gatherings. After the first of the year the calander seems to slow down as you know spring is just around the corner but you have to wait till it rains a couple of times to wash away the salt. Once the salt gets off the roads the wife and I are back out in the wind. I do ususlly get the bike cleaned up well and any little doo-dads bolted on.