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    Our bike is stored in a heated garage that is not being used for anything but storing bikes this year, but, unfortunately, this option is not available to us next year and my husband and I are arguing how it should be stored next year. He says we need to find a heated garage that doesn't get used with car/truck traffic as the opening and closing of the large garage door will ruin the bike. I think he is off his rocker and that our garage will be fine (one that is heated, but is used for car/truck as well). Any thoughts on the validity of his claims? (and, any tips or tricks would also be helpful) I have searched online and can't find anything that relates to this topic in particular. We live in Alberta, Canada where is it usually dry but extremely cold and the bike is stored from Sept or Oct to March or April... I know poor us... short riding season. Moving is not an option:(
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    I am not sure that the garage HAS to be heated. Why not put it in your garage, buy a nice cover for it and cover it up? Change all the fluids before storing it, buy a battery tender and plug the battery in. You could even put the bike on a jack so the tires were off the ground if you were so inclined. I would rather have my bike in MY garage than some other garage.

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    Here in Ontario I store my bikes in an unheated garage shared with my wife's car which is driven daily. I change my oil before storing, plug in the battery tender and forget about them until I can ride again.
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    You're doing more damage to your car/truck parking in a heated garage and taking it in and out daily. The condensation buildup in the frames will result in early body cancer and seized bolts. Of course you'll never see it if you get rid of them every few years. Having said that there is some validity to his thinking.
    There is a product on the market where you park your bike inside and it seals out the elements. Add a bag of dessicant in the cover to absorb moisture. Motorcycle Covers, Rhino Shelter Motorcycle Storage Bag

    I have my bike in our unheated garage, between my truck and car, covered with a sheet. When I see frost, I put a fan near to circulate the air. It's not ideal like a heated garage, but I don't remember having any problems over the last 30 yrs with electrical or seized bolts on any of my bikes. My second bike I had for 17 yrs, my third for 9 and it's going on 5 yrs with my Harley.

    Found this online. Motoshell - Motorcycle Cover, Motorcycle Covers, Motorcycle Storage May be an idea for storing the bike in the heated garage. Put a small heater, or fan inside to circulate air.
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    I used to use a very large plastic bag with dessicant inside. Put the bike in, put the dessicant in, suck as much air out as I could with a vacuum, and seal the end. That worked great for years, but my bikes have their own heated garage now..:small3d035:
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    See those two fluffy chairs that you never sit in in the living room? Make the swap.....chairs in the garage, bike in the living room.:newsmile048:
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    mine stays in garage under hd cover on jack and on tender unheated garage and wife uses garage every day no problem on my end
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    I keep my bikes in wooden sheds I plug the battery charger in once every 2 months to help maintain the charge I drape a thick cotton cover over the bike in the workshop shed to prevent flying debris from causing damage so far bikes work when I need them to
    I have had to replace the paintwork on the 92 softail but the 93 sportster and 94 dyna are good