Windshields and wind

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by cowpoke, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. cowpoke

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    I've been riding a Softail custom, no Windshield.

    Now I have a 09 EG Classic. My observations are this.
    The fairing/WS certainly keep the wind from beating you (especially at the higher speeds), but what I find is that at the lower speeds 30-50 you get this turbulance AROUND you from the sides and top.

    I have seen some other types of WS, that have curves/flares/ridges on them, I'm wondering if they help with this and if anyone has any feedback on this.

    p.s. it the fairing/WS design the same on the 09's as previous years
    lets say 06's ... ?
  2. Breeze3at

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    Batwing windshields are the same (3 hole mount) from '96 - '12. It seems we all have different "peeves" with turbulence at different speeds. I have 5 different shields for my Electra Glide. My preferred height is top of windshield is even with my upper lip when I'm sitting straight. Some like shorter, some like taller. I also have adjustable "wind deflectors" on the bottom of my fairing. If my helmet visor isn't getting rattled by the wind, I'm happy (mostly).
    I have not ridden with a curved/flipped windshield, lots of people like them.
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  3. ironmark

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    Windvest maks a nice windshield. I have the Windvest on my RG and it has the flip at the top and it works great for me.
  4. jsvt184

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    The shorter the windshield the more turbulence. No getting around that. The recurves do help. You can get away with a little shorter windshield if it has a flip and not get your glasses rattled as much as if you had no flip.
  5. Trek

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    I have the 8" windvest with the curve at the top and I like it. I have found most of my turbulence comes when my legs are on the highway pegs and I bend my knees out, it seems to channel the wind right up my legs and up my front side if that makes any sense. In other words most of the wind comes from the bottom and not from the fairing.
  6. phatplat

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    I have a 17" Memphis shades with the hd detachable mount. I get my turbulence from my legs as well.
  7. smartguy

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    I have a 8.5 Klock werks on my 09 ultra. I love it, i'm 6'2" and it works great for me. My sun glasses stay in place at what ever speed i'm going.:D:14:
  8. stikman

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    I have a 9" Freedom Shield on my 10 ultra and it works great, I am 6' it comes to the to about my mouth. If interested Freedom Shields will let you try it if you don't like it or the height is wrong you can send it back.
  9. mattmuir

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    I have the 7.5 Windvest on an Ultra and love it. I started with the 6.5 and had the wind hit the top of my helmet. Swaped it out no charge with these has the flip edge as well.
  10. cos56

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    I also have the 8.5 Klock Werks windshield on my 10 Ultra. No problems with wind bouncing my glasses around. Very happy with it. A plus is that it is molded so that the 3 pocket fairing pouch still works with no modifications.