Windshield for 2006 Street Bob

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by ramprat, May 26, 2008.

  1. ramprat

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    Can anybody recommend a good detachable windshield for my bike? I know Harley makes one. I am leaning towards the low profile to the tune of $359 plus tax! I still have the stock mini apes on the bike and plan on leaving them on for the summer at least.

    Can't say I'm a windshield fan but practicality dictates it for the highway and the long haul. I got no image to protect here LOL. Like to here some feedback from those who have. Thanks
  2. glider

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    I like the quality/fit and finish of the Harley units myself but there are others that have some decent quality as well.
  3. cdn-bigfoot

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    I have a Memphis Shields on my 2006 Street Bob. Half the cost of the HD unit. Quick detach comes off in 5 seconds.

    I hate windshields too.

    See my gallery below.
  4. Joyflyin

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    I love my windshield, worth every penny paid. Granted, it may not look as cool as without, but the practicality wins for me! Especially when the birds are suicidal!
  5. cdn-bigfoot

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    Sorry Gallery link didn't show up.
    It's not a great photo of the windshield anyway.
    They're difficult to photograph when they're clean.
  6. cdn-bigfoot

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    That would mean you have a Harley set of pipes on your bike?
    Maybe you've got a Harley seat?
    How about a Harley air filter and the Harley MAP?

    I see a full Screamin' Eagle HD in the parking lot and I keep walking. Seen it exactly like that before.

    There's a lot of great after market parts out there that kick butt on original HD parts. That's what these forum discussions are all about.
    So I for one would love to hear if someone has found something better for your Harley Motorcycle that Harley Davidson doesn't sell.

    ****EDIT****Looks like Chizzle's been deleted. Now it looks like I'm just talking to myself.
    He wasn't as sharp as he thinks he is anyway.
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  7. bikermoses

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    well i just broke down and paid 334.00 for my windshield from harley and let me tell a brother you get what you pay for i had national cycle shield on there complete junk i paid 145.00 for that one came with hose clamps for forks and the mounts kept pop in off so i got the real deal real happy i did just blends right into bike.
  8. Idaho John

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    Hello: I recently purchased one of the "$300.00" windshield and must echo the earlier do get what you pay for. The Harley product is quality and works exactly like it is advertised...

    I had the privilege of getting one during a dealer sale so...a little less than retail but not that much (so no room to crow) but I find the relief from the wind, weather and bugs such a plus.

    good luck to you,

    Idaho John
  9. Bud White

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    Windshield might not look cool but its a lot cooler when something hits it first instead of you i caught a lug nut the other day i would imagine that one would have hurt quite a bit at 55
  10. DEP47

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    I have the HD detachable on my 2006 street bob and love it easy on and off and looks ok to. Problem is it is about 2" taller then I would like it ,even in the lowest position. Does anybody no of someone selling a replacement windshield that will fit the harley mounting but be shorter?