Wind Buffetting and the Street Glide.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Crzy Canuk, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Crzy Canuk

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    I just picked up my new FLHX yesterday and was able to log 90miles in the saddle, spring snow storm here, lol.
    I had heard about the wind buffetting issues w/ the Street Glide long before I bought the bike so not much of a suprise that I had some. I'm 6'1 and sit fairly tall in the saddle. I found that if I crouched down a only a couple inches most of the buffetting went away. I'm convinced that a new windshield will make it go away and will be all smooth sailing afterwards.
    My question to you fine people is what have you found that works best?
    I'm thinking of either the 7" dark smoked or the new 7" Wind Spilter.
    I know this subject has probably been beat to death, so sorry about that in advance. Any other shields that you guys and gals have used that have netted good results?
    I dont need to buy H-D, cause its just a piece of Lexan, :D
  2. craig Lee

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    I have an '08 SG and just picked up the Klockwerks 6.5 inch solid black windshield last week. I'm 5'10" with close to 41,000 miles on the bike. Wish I would of done it 40,000 miles ago. Does make a difference by putting the wind at the top of the helmet as opposed to the face and eyes. Also look into the new 8.5" version for your height.
    Congrat's on the new bike and welcome to the forum. You're going to dig it. No question is irrevelant or the moderators will kindly let you know.
  3. Iceman24

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    Had a 6.5" KW & updated to the 8.5" KW on my 09 SG - both directed the wind around my 5'11" frame. Had to get the 8.5" to fit my 3-pouch t-bags. The one you show looks similar to KW so it's probably similar in functionality.
  4. bikerfishman

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    Re: Wind Buffeting and the Street Glide.

    I did the stock ultra windshield on my 08 and its nice since I ride in the rain all the time, I am 6'2''.​
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  5. sellisssn

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    Dear Crzy Canuk,

    With all due respect, you should have purchased a Roadglide.......
  6. maine-e-axe

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    Canuk, If you like the look of the short w/s a lower seat will help. you want the w/s about 1 to 2 inch's below your eye level, the wind will go right over you.
  7. Crzy Canuk

    Crzy Canuk Member

    I have heard that from anyone that owns one..............however even they will tell you the batwing wins hands down from looks, lol. (i know i've started it now)
    Going from an 05 Vulcan w/ 16" apes to a 09 SG w/ a fairing I'm in heaven anyways.
  8. WI Bob

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    I have a 2009 SG and have tried a BOATLOAD of windshields.
    There are many choices, but the recurves and the shields that come back a bit (Cee Baileys) seem the best for me.

    Once you get close with the proper fitting windshield, work on the air from below. I put my feet on top the hwy bars near the turn signals and noticed the buffeting dropped way down. So I made these funky lowers. I have nice ones now, the picture is the prototype.

    Been over 110 and still smooth air around me.

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  9. H4U30

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    Hey Crzy Canuk, first awesome choice of bike and yup I bet you did start it now.... LOL I agree with you 100% but... Check out Clearview Shields - for the best ride you'll ever see they even have recommendation of how to measure for a shield. i love the look of the factory shield but my sunglasses dancing around was driving me crazy. I went with the 8" smoked recurve, I am 5'9" and am so happy now and it still looks good. Good luck
  10. Dr. Dolittle

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    I hate to burst your bubble but no windshield is going to 100% eliminate the wind and buffeting. After all, you're on a motorcycle, not in your cage!

    You can, however, significantly reduce it and/or relocate it so it's not so bothersome. Klockwerks, Clearview, and Fastaire are just a few of the companies making nice shields to fit most everyone's needs. The Clearview with recurve is what I use (8 inch) and I feel like it's closest to the stock look with much better performance. I've heard the Klockwerks perform well but you have to like their unique appearance.

    Definitely attack the air from below as well with a fork baffle and/or fairing adjustable vents.

    Good luck and be prepared to spend lots of money in your quest for the perfect windshield!