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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Shortround, Mar 14, 2009.

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    '09 FLSTC. At speeds above 45 mph, I am getting a buffeting/popping in my helmet. It's a full face type with vents along the top.
    The windshield appears to be at the proper height, level with my nose.
    The buffet is enough to make my glasses bounce around a bit while the popping is like someone gently hitting your ears with cupped hands. A bar bag helped some. What makes it interesting is that when the wife rides with me, the buffeting/popping decreases significantly but doesn't completely go away. I've noticed that the angle of the windshield changes slightly when she gets on.
    Has anyone else experience this? I'm looking into possible helmet swap(different style) or taller windshield. What's odd, is that I can ride without a helmet and do not experience any of the above mentioned issues. Riding without a helmet is not an option since I still do some work for the Defense Department and helmets are required.
    What about deflectors?
    I appreciate any advice you may have.

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    I had the same problem with my bike.I installed the HD chrome air deflectors on my forks.Problem solved!! Rides like a different bike.The part#for the deflectors is 58125-90b and believe it or not they are under a hundred dollars.
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    Got my name on a set of them that should be in Monday.
    It was strange trying to figure out what the cause was. I had quite a bit of air that was coming up just behind the windshield and when I put the bar bag on, the buffet decreased but didn't go away. I could tell there was a lot of air coming under and around the windshield, as well as over it. Thinking that there was a meeting of the different air flows around my head possibly causing it, I went out for a ride without the helmet. No buffet. Having no shaved since retiring the first of Febuary, I noticed that my beard was doing a rapid up and down dance. That air motion could very well have been causing the popping. I went and pulled the windshield and had no problems, everything was smooth and quiet with the helmet and noisy without.
    We shall see next week.
    Thanks for the info.

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    If the mounting brackets are the same on your 09 as my 90,you can move the windshield up & down and in & out a little bit . Set it at the height you like and then move it in and out while riding to find the spot where the airflow goes over you, if the wind is hitting you in the face try pushing it out first.
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    Do you have the Low profile windshield? I had that on mine and got strong buffeting with a DOT helmet. I had to switch to a beanie helmet and it stopped! I got the Lowers and the 26in windshield and it went away!
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    Put your left arm across your chest, like a salute, at 60mph. If that fixes the buffeting problem then the wind is coming from below and up your front. google Jack's Flaps. they work good
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    I did that and had the exact same problem...

    I installed the bat wings, part number 58125-90b and problem solved!

    Man, this forum is great and HD aftermarket parts same!
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    I got one of the Jacks flaps vests and they do work as advertised. My 1/2 German helmet used to pull up on my head at speed and with the vest, it no longer did. Great product IMO.