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Will you let the wife drive?


As long as I am alive there is no way that I am letting my wife drive the bike. I just feel that it is way too big for her to handle and that she will get hurt. Do you let your wives drive the bike?
I have let the wife move the bike out of the garage and she has seemed to handle that okay but I am still not too sure about letting her drive it alone. I don't think that she has any interest so we have not really talked about it, which is probably better off.
Sometime yes,but I never allowed my wife ride my harley for long trips,I think you must try teach your wife ride your harley,that will useful if you on travel with her.
Luckily I don't have to worry about this problem. I got divorced about 5 years ago now and I am living the completly free life. It is so nice to be able to hop on the bike and go wherever ad whenever I feel like.
My wife is terrified of driving the motorcylce so I don't have to worry about her bugging me about it. I think that if she were to ask that I would be really nervous but I would let her What's her is mine so it would only be fair right?
Hey, I am a girl and I can handle it pretty well. It's actually a struggle at first but all is okay now. I usually ride my bike when I want to be alone. It relaxes me. I never use it to go my work. Haha.
If they can handle it I guess there is nothing wrong with women riding a harley. It is just like driving a car although a bike can be quite dangerous but then that is what harley is for.
I actually bought one of my bikes for my wife to ride. When she decided she would rather be on the back, I got a second bike! ;)

I've seen the littlest of ladies ride the biggest of bike. The notion that a little girl can not handle a big bike is BS.
the guy next door will not dream of letting me ride his bike myself.Then again, he will not even let me drive his freaking car.Not a big problem since I have my own transportation, I have a very nice Avalanche, so I aint jealous! At all.:D
not the wife nor anyone else for that matter.they can go buy themself one if they want to drive it that bad.mine is for me myself and I.