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Wild Hogs Movie

Hey y'all

I was just wondering if anyone else here has seen the new "Wild Hogs" movie, and what your thoughts were on it.

I thought it was a fun movie. I wish there was a little bit more riding in it. I would recommend it to anyone waiting for winter to end to remind them that riding season is just around the corner.

take care.
Personally I am not see yet,but some people said that film for laughing Harley Davidson riders,but the truth is out there. :)

It does poke a little bit of fun to the "weekend warrior" but i believe its all in good fun. the moral of the movie is that it does not matter how much you ride or how "hardcore" you are; just as long as you enjoy riding.
It is a funny movie. It's not an oscar winner and wasn't meant to be. But I would recomend it for a good laugh. Most of the audience was cracking up through out it.
Wild Hogs...

Cool movie! my wife & I saw it last night with about 50 members of our H.O.G. chapter

Its a good laugh, & keeps on moving!

Id reccomend it to anyone...

Three buddies and I are planning a late June ride to the Redwoods in Northern California from our homes in Canada, so when we saw the trailer we knew we had to see it. I enjoyed it; pretty standard story line but it had some good laughs. I recommend it.
m_ayotte31, I've been looking for some good riding movies and documentaries for years, and you know it's just not an easy thing to duplicate the experience on film or video. I've been watching a Canadian documentary documenting three riders travelling across Canada from coast to coast but it just doesn't get me excited about the ride. The Charley Boorman/Ewan Macgregor documentary was more entertaining but mostly because of the remote areas they visited.
yes my wife and i watched it last week. i thought it was funny but also pretty prdictable too. i mean with larry the cable guy and tim allan it has to be funny.
good show for kids and adults both to watch