Why do you own a "Harley Davidson" motorcycle? Lets tell the world!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by yharley, Jul 24, 2010.

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    Presently I don't own a Harley Davidson motorcycle. My last Harley was a 2005 Ultra classic. In 2008, I changed back to my previously joy motorcycle the Honda Goldwing. My purpose was to return to the quite sound and luxury ride of the Goldwing. Now with a few years past, I'm starting to really see clearly why I purchased the Harley in the first place. Harley Davidson has now created a world of entertainment larger than the motorcycle itself. Riders across all racial lines are excepted only by the sound of their motors. Riders gather around the world in big and small towns on the weekend, just to enjoy the sound and view of the many styles of the Harley Davidson lineup of motorcycles. I see and enjoy the pleasure of riding with many couples and singles out on weekend rides. I see the joy in the eyes of many kids who are able to ride with their fathers on weekend. Often the only time kids can get one on one with their fathers. I see the women shop endlessly for motorcycle gear with the Harley Davidson logo. One sees the pride of ownership with the many accents pieces added with no real purpose but the shine. I think of the many friends that have only come about because of the Harley Davidson motorcycle. Harley Davidson owners sponsor more events across the country than any other social group. The Harley Davidson family will extend a arm, nod a head or stop with aid only by the sound of your engine. Now, I didn't even talk about the motorcycle looks or the fact its American made. Do I need to say more? I'm looking to get the 2010 Ultra Classic Limited.
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    Welcome back to the Family! alot of people out here have strayed away only to realized what you have and what you had. Best part of this all we will accept you no matter what you ride
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    Because it's one of the few things that still says BUILT IN THE USA....
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    It still is amazing to me how much market share Harley Davidson has during an event like Daytona Bike Week. You can COMBINE ALL other makes together and it does not amount to 25% of the bikes out on the streets.

    I wonder what it would be like if the economy was on it's feet and screaming with cash like it was years back. It would be Insane.
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    Smitty, in what way(s). Is that the brand that uses a Driveshaft?
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    I did a nuts and bolts restoration on a 1981 bmw r100rt it took 3 years with the bike on the road during the riding season best quality of bike i have ever worked on nothing broke as i stripped it
    However although it was a very smooth and efficient bike i never really enjoyed riding it

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    Is there just one reason ? I grew up next door to a Harley Dealership back in the 50's. I watched and wished that someday I too, would own such a machine. For all the innovations that have evolved over the years the lure of the "Name, Style, Sound, Feel, and mystique of Harley Davidson still rings true to me. I also feel that it's our motorcycle, made here in this country by our people. That's why I've owned seven of them. My friend just learned a lesson when he attempted to trade his 2009 Yamaha 1300 in and was informed by his dealership that they didn't want it...Wow. So, I'm a HD man all the way and always will be.
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    Now that I am older I want a cruiser,HD is the original.I also like Harley mistique,like when old guy's tell you their Harley stories.
    Harley has a unique feel when you ride,you feel in sync with the machine and it always puts a smile on my face.
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    yharley, "I'm looking to get the 2010 Ultra Classic Limited".

    You won't be disappointed with the Limited.
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    I like them better than anything else on the market right now. I'm not anti metric, and may own another some day. For right now there is nothing else out there that sparks my intrest in the cuiser or touring lineup.