Why did you Buy a "Harley"

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  1. wildspirit97

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    I'm sure everyone has their own special reason for choosing a to buy a Harley Davidson.
    For me I always told myself and everyone else that I would never buy an H-D because everyone was ridding them now, and usually don't like to be part of the "Crowd" But when the time came to buy a new bike and I went shopping, (and by shopping I mean looking at everything I shopped for a year before I bought a new one.) The only bike for me was the '07 FX Softail.
    I've always been a "Honda" guy, the first bike I owned was a 1975 550 four that I put together from 2 different parts bikes and a few other parts from the cycle salvage yard. I rode the heck outa that thing for 2 years or so but wanted something a little nicer. A guy I used to ride with back then Had a '94 Heritage and we rode to Lynwood, Wa. where I bought a Honda Shadow at the Harley Shop there and I rode the Heck outa that thing Till I bought my H-D last year.
    So my reasons where I really liked the look and feel of the bike and I love to ride and the bike I picked out just Happened to be a Harley.:D AND I LOVE IT!!!!:thanks I still ride my Honda sometimes, I got a lot of good memories on her, but there's just something about the Harley....:rider
  2. The Bad Man's Angel

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    I was tired of being luggage on the back of my Bad Mans!
  3. AugMan

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    you mean there is another option?
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    Nothing feels like a Harley, even sitting still.

    Nothing has the heritage and story line of a Harley.

    Nothing makes you such an immediate part of a global family as a Harley.

    Noone else offers as many cool T-shirts as Harley!
  5. toad451

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    I had a Yamaha V-Star before I bought my Harley. It was ok for my first bike. After I sold it I told myself my next bike would be a Harley. I kind of saw myself on a Fatboy or other softail model at first. I am really glad I found this Road King that I bought. I've only had it just over 3 weeks but am 99.999999% sure I won't be selling it. I pretty much plan on riding it until it just won't go anymore.
  6. glider

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    Habit :D
  7. Joyflyin

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    I looked at all the brands out there while I was shopping around. I also shopped for close to a year, but the only requirement I had at the time was that I wanted a blue bike.......:D What can I say? The orange & creme just spoke to me. I called the dealer, 5 hours away the next morning & put the deposit down. Hubby drove down 2 days later & picked it up for me. :D:D I didn't even start it up while I was there, I really thought that if I left the impulse would go away & I would keep looking. Haa! I love it.

    My reasoning for looking at harley's in the first place was 'look at the resale value', like I'm going to sell. You can't sell your engagement bike. :D I just need to convince him that I need to keep it too.
  8. Davidw2415

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    I was going to get the either Honda Aero or a Yammaha V-Starr 1100 but a buddy of my convinced me that if I got one of those I'd be like the guy that drives a Mustang and pulls next to a Corvette and says "that's what I really want". Besides when I went to buy the bike I missed up and took my wife; she has no problem spending money and
    when she saw me sitting on the Fatboy she said that was the one. And since she's helping with the payments , What was I to do but get the fatboy. I just wish someone would have warned me how much a bike would cost me after I bought it. I may have had a beutifull black Mustang instead.
  9. joose

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    growing up my dad had harleys and i just thought they where awsome so i started working last year when i was 16 and made about 3,000 and my dad helped on the rest and i bought my superglide and i love it
  10. Bud White

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    I always wanted a harley simple as that .. the look the sound sure it can be copied but well it still aint a harley

    That harley is based here in America didnt hurt either