Why all the Harley Bashing?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Train Man, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. Train Man

    Train Man Member

    Not trying to stir the pot, but I'm trying to understand why folks are so hard on Harley Davidson products. Yes, they're expensive! But that comes from the fact that they have to pay an American labor force while the overseas force makes a lot less...this narrows profit margins. And before folks say "yes, but HD has products made overseas," I agree, but overall the management and a majority of their labor force is here in the USA. You may want to note that there were many more U.S. employees when folks were more "made in America" conscious, but that trend has shifted. You should also note that Harley products are, for the most part, made better. This quality if mostly worth the extra cost. Harley chrome is better than most of the after-market manufacturers. Heck, I have Harley t-shirts that will outlast any of my fruit of the looms by a year or two. Also, Harley products are designed and engineered for Harleys and not a general "one size fits all" product. You should also note, that the U.S. Dollars that leave the country don't come back and affect our economy as a whole.

    In a day when unemployment has reached an all-time high, we owe it to one-another to buy American cars, bikes, and products. I don't fault anyone for trying to save a dime and shift blame, but at some point, we have to support our own. For me, I'll spend the extra change to keep our dollars from going abroad...my values run deep and just thought I'd share my thoughts for what they're worth.:D
  2. dhorne

    dhorne Active Member

    hi all , I haven't been able to log on to this great site for a long time , I am a canadian living in venezuela and I get a lot out of this site , two things I did find out and yes I am a firm believer in buying american / canadian made products

    HD- oil is made in the states and by Citco and yes we all know who owns Citco ( Venezuela)
    I bought a harley coat off ebay brand new because it was 200 $$ less then the shelf , and boy was I mad when it came from China , seems that they are all made there , and yes I seen it on this site as well , so because it says Harley on it doesn't always mean it is the best for our bikes , we know that oil is the blood and you couldn't give me harley oil thanks to Glider's advice and it shows as well in this heat in Venezuela ... ect ect , now isn't that stirring up the pot!!!
  3. BlackBetty11

    BlackBetty11 New Member

    OK... here is my 2 cents on this: HD bikes are in fact put together in the US, BUT most of the components are from other countries (EFI, Ignition Brakes to name a few):newsmile071: SO, indirectly you are already sending your US$ to Japan, Germany and Italy. :s Your HD shirts are probably just like mine... made in India, Indonesia, Vietnam or China (maybe even Mexico). The better chrome... well that is made all over the world.... and yes, China is also one of the places it comes from. AND the "one size fits all"... Well since HD and Victory are the only companies that still use INCH and not mm most products that fit HD (and Victory) are made for them. For HD being expensive due to the fact they have to pay AMERICAN labor.... hmmm the average personnel cost in Europe right now is at about 160%-180% of their Net income, meaning that the employer must pay 60% - 80% on top of what he is paying the employee. With gas prices in Europe reaching $9+ per gallon, I think the COST OF LIVING in Europe would justify a overpricing for products to pay for their labor. Fact is, that when a company like GM produces a car, their price of production for one unit is someplace around $9000-11000, but they sell them for way more. WHY? Well you want to have warrantees and rebates and the Dealer needs to make some money too, right? Ever wonder why they can give you so much on rebates? With American products being more functional then high quality, I do think that some other countries do produce a better product. BUT, for my part, I do not ride a HD (well 2 of them) just to save the American economy... and labor force or because it costs so much to own one... I ride HD because it is a way of life, lifestyle and mindset. BUT, if I have to explain....:bigsmiley12:
  4. Bodeen

    Bodeen Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    I try and buy USA made for my HD everytime I change something on it. Unfortunately that requires me to look some where other than HD. So, the way I figure, I'm supporting American labor and American small business. HD would be my first choice if it wasnt for all the Chinese stuff they are putting out now, even that HD Tshirt. Just my way.

  5. jlbeebe

    jlbeebe Member

    My wife just got back from traveling for work. She stopped by a HD shop and got us both shirts. Mine was made in the USA and hers was made overseas. Funny thing was her shirt was more expensive than mine. I was glad to see that at least some HD clothing is made here.
  6. Porter

    Porter Junior Member

    The assumption is that because it is "made in the USA" it is a quality product. That is definitely not the case in all circumstances. For most, a HD fan is much different than the typical consumer. HD is more or less a luxury product that has a strong following for many reasons. Loyalty plays into this product heavily. There is also a difference between the motorcycles and products like T-shirt, clocks, mugs etc.

    Personally, I don't think HD is any better or any worse in quality or design than other major manufacturers. I like HD because I have decided to spend the money to do so and I really like the history and styling. If they were littered all over the side of the road, I would not have purchased two.

    I don't think the quality is any different from an analytical perspective, but I do think that HD fans expect/want a higher standard because they are proud of the "American Made" history of HD. The world just doesn't work like that anymore.
  7. whacko

    whacko Junior Member

    The "american made" discussion requires a great deal of research to make any arguement. I bought a Harley because after over a year of research into what bike I wanted (it was my first bike) I do like the style, ride, and quality of HD......did not buy based on the fact that it is "american made". But I am glad to say that I am proud that an American company can make such a great motorcycle.

    Years ago....mid 90's....I bought a new car. Have to admit it was a Subaru (you guys can hammer me all you want they make a great automobile and I have owned many of them) and my Uncle gave me a hard time when he first saw it because it was not "american made". He was driving a Chevy S10 pickup at the time. I asked him to open up the door and look at the data plate on his truck.....yup.....assembled in Mexico. I pointed out that my Subaru is assembled in Indiana form Japanese parts so I think more American workers touched my Subaru than his Chevy truck at the time!!! It is a global economy and people need to adjust a little. Just my 2 cents!
  8. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    Most times when bashing a H.D product it usually is because of a lack of reasoning. The reason why can be many, most I believe come from a point of view of not belonging to the club. As to being more expensive, if you look at the latest batch of imports and compare to similar H.D. models the metrics are with in a couple of thousand dollars. The quality of components, fit and finish along with no tradition, and hodge podge design and the lack of resale value is why the difference in price. There fore the bashing as to price is a falsity because what is your metric worth in a couple of years compared to a Harley. Most times its just a chest puffing exercize.....:newsmile026:
  9. robermv32

    robermv32 Active Member

    With all this having been said, allow me to Welcome you to the forum and hope to see you again.
  10. lorne

    lorne Senior Member

    not like you to stir the pot :D:D:D:D:D
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